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Using CoD Weapons File Editor
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94Sniper will teach you how to use the Weapons File Editor
This tutorial will attempt to explain to you how to correctly use the latest version of CoD: Weapons File Editor(WFE for short). It will also explain how to make weapon files for new weapon models(if you're a modeler with a new gun Xmodel). Let's get started.

1. Installing CoD WFE
Here is a link at the bottom of this page that will take you to the Modsonline.com download section, where you can download WFE (Thanks to xXezekielXx for adding that download!). After you download it, refer here for start up instructions.

Step 1: The program should have came with the Setup program, so you don't have to install it manually.

Step 2: Now what you want to do is open Explorer, click on the "My computer" icon, Click on "COD WFE" folder. Now run the COD WFE Setup Program.

Step 3: When it asks for the Harddrive letter, type in "C".

Step 4: It will now say that you're ready to roll and you can start modding!

2. Getting Ready for Use
So you've installed WFE, good! now you have to go find what weapon you want to mod. To do this, you should go back to the COD WFE folder. Now open up the "COD Origina lWeapon Files" folder. Now, double-click the Multi-Player folder. See all those files? Those files are critical game data that you need in order to run the game properly. DO NOT DELETE ANY OF THEM! Go down until you find the "M1Carbine_mp" file, then click it ONCE. Right-click it and copy it. Now go back up to your COD WFE folder and go to the "Weapon files" folder. This folder is empty, for now. Paste your "M1Carbine_mp" file into this folder. Now you can get to modding the actual file. No more prep work!

3. Using WFE
Go to your "COD WFE" folder and double-click the CoD WFE program. When it opens, you will see basically what your going to use throughout the program. Type in 1 to load a weapon file. Now it's asking for the name of the weapon file you want to mod. Here, you can type in "m1carbine_mp" to mod the file you copy-pasted earlier. Now you have a list of options:

1. Modify a Value (This lets you change some of the characteristics of the weapon)
2. List Weapon Parameters/Values (This will show all of the Values that the weapon currently has listed. I don't use this one too often.)
3. Append New Parameter/Value (This lets you add values to your weapon's values, if it isn't listed already.)
4. Remove Existing Parameter/Value (This lets you remove values from your weapon's list.)
5. Unload Current Weapon File (Unload the weapon file and takes you back to the start)
9. Close COD WFE (closes out of WFE)

We're going to modify some values, so we type in 1, then hit return/enter. Now you can see your list. Some of the items of this list have no values and are given the "value" of "[no value]". They are supposed to be this way, so you don't have any errors there. First, we're going to edit the number of rounds in one clip, so we type in clipSize[NOTE: WFE IS case sensitive. Caps are never at the beginning of the parameter name. It usually indicates the start of a new word, such as "clipSize, startAmmo, maxAmmo, etc.]. Now we can have some fun! I'm going to enter 100. now just hit enter, and you've changed that parameter's value! now enter 1 and you can start all over again.

Oh, and by the way, you can see the definition of each parameter and what it does when you enter it's name. ex:
(this is for the weaponType parameter)


Weapon ammo type.

built-in value



4. Getting Your Mod in the Game
For this you're going to need Pakscape. Follow these steps(copy-pasted from xXezekielXx 's more_help resource file, found in the resource file folder.)

1. In PakScape, go to the "File" menu and click "New" (Ctrl+N).
2. Go to the "Object" menu and click "New Directory".
3. Rename the "New Directory" to "weapons".
4. Double-click the "weapons" directory or hit enter while it is selected to navigate inside.
5. Go to the "Object" menu and click "New Directory".
6. Rename this "New Directory" to "mp".
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, but rename the directory to "sp" this time.
8. From Windows Explorer, drag and drop the multi-player weapon files into the "mp" directory in PakScape and the single-player weapon files into the "sp" directory.
9. Go to the "File" menu and click "Save" (Ctrl+S), and a dialog box will appear.
10. In this box, navigate to your "Call of DutyMain" directory.
11. Directly below the "File name" field, it says: "Save as type:" and "Zip File (*.zip)". Click the menu that has "Zip File (*.zip)" on it, and scroll it to "Quake 3 pak (*.pk3)".
12. Now type your filename in the filename field. Be sure to prefix it with "zzz-" or "user-" so it stays near the bottom of the alphabetical list of .pk3 files in "Call of DutyMain".

If you have any questions about this program or how to use it, You can post a new topic in the forums at Modsonline.com. However, if it is something special, you can PM me for the fastest response.

Have fun!

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