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Working Doors
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In This Tutorial I am going to be showing you add a working door and opening and closing sounds into your map. This Tutorial is Split into two parts, Making The Working Door and Adding The Sounds
Part 1 – Making The Working Door

So we have a door and doorframe made from brushes like this.

Now that this is done we are ready to add the working door part. First you need to select textures from the top, and scroll through until we find the origin texture. This is going to be the hinge part of the door. Like this

Now we need to make a new brush that covers the side of the door, where the hinge would be on a real door. We need to make sure that the origin brush covers the a bit of the doorframe and the door, so that I creates a join between them. Like so

Ok Now that we have done that we need to select both the door and the origin brush and right click on the 2D View and select func (which stands for function) then door Rotating. The Whole Door and the origin brush should now turn blue on your 2D View.  Like So

And that’s it for part one. When you compile your map there should be a working door that can be opened by using your use key (The default is the f key)

Part 2 – Adding The Sounds

Now that you have a working door its time to add the opening and closing sounds

First we need to get some good quality sounds for the door. We will need 3 sounds to do this. One for the opening of the door, one for the closing of the door, and one for when the door is closed. For this I will be using these three .wav files (included in zip File)

Next we need to go into radiant. We have to give the door a target name so the script and the game engine knows which brushes to play the sound with. Select the door and the origin brush like before, but this time we are going to press n to open the entity editor. First we need to give it a target name, so type in the key box targetname and out in the value box sound_door1 and press return or enter. Like so

Next we need to give it a target. Clear the two boxes and type into the key box this time target and into the value box sound_doora and press return or enter. Like so  

For every new working door you add like this you must change the target and targetnames. For example the next one I would use would be sound_door2 and sound_doorb and so on

Ok that’s everything done that needs to be done in radiant, you can go ahead and compile your map. Now we need to do the scripting (aaahhhh nooooo not scripting) this part is very simple if you already have a door sound script, which I have included in the zip file.

Open the file named sound_door1

Save This file into your main/maps/mp folder along with your .bsp and .gsc files once you have made the changes you need to.
Ok next we need to make sure that the game calls this up when running the map
So we need to open your .gsc file if you do not already have one there is one included in the zip file.

Once you have made changes save this into your main/maps/mp folder and rename it as your map name. Ok if you have no already got these file in your main folder add them now sound and soundaliases (they are included in the zip file if you need them)
In the sound folder add another folder named doors and put the 3 .wav sounds into it.
The Final Part in creating the working door sounds is we need to create a soundaliases file that will tell the game which sound files to play. If you do not already have a soundaliases file there’s one included in the zip file.

Open the soundaliases file in excel

Once you have made your changes, save it in your soundaliases file

Well that’s it for the door sounds tutorial, Thanks For taking the time to read it, and I hope it helped you out as well

If you have any problems in doing this or you find an error in my work please let me know. You can send me a pm on mondsonline or send me an email on Welshy@welshy.me.uk


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