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CoD2 Mapping
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Creating a Single Player map
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This tutorial explains how to start a basic single player map
with one actor which starts moving when we spawn into the level. Thanks to 3DArt.

He will end up with a node "cover_crouch".

Example map 


First we create a info "player_start".


Inserting your actor in this case "Allied".


Now give this actor a target which is the node "cover_crouch".

Press "N" on your keyboard and it will bring up the Entity window.


Hit "Enter" on your keyboard and you will see that this key is added.


The next step is inserting this target "cover_crouch" but it can also be another
node for example a "cover_right" or "cover_wide_left".
But the only thing is important to give this node a targetname "alliedend"



Now we have a actor and we need some "pathnodes".
These "pathnodes" are determining the path of your actor to his end position
the node "cover_crouch" so where he will stop.
Create on and use your "Spacebar" to copy them and make a path out of them.


Your actor is now connected by a green line with the node "cover_crouch".


For running your map you need to create a
developer shortcut like the screenshot below.
This shortcut will connect the paths correctly.
Without it your actor will not move or start moving.
So make a copy of your single player shortcut and add this line it:

"C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 2CoD2SP_s.exe" + set g_connectpaths 1


Here is your actor moved to position and is in "cover_crouch".

Have Fun.

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