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Creating an .iwd file
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Apocalypse explains a basic .iwd creation

Creating an .iwd is very simple. Your map will need to be in the .iwd format when it is played on an internet server. An .iwd works very much the same as the .pk3 in the original Call of Duty.

1. Make a folder on your desktop. (Mine is named map_temp). It does not matter what you name this.

2. Inside this folder make a folder called maps and a folder called mp. Your arena file will go in this mp folder (An .arena file is not absolutely necessary, but it is the file that will list your map).

3. Inside the maps folder make another folder called mp. Put your .bsp and .gsc files in here.

4. You will need WinZip or pakscape for this step. After you have completed the above steps return to your map_temp folder. Select both the maps and mp folder and right click one of them and select Add to archive. Under archive format select .zip. Make sure compression format is normal. Press O.K.

*note: Using WinRar will often result in errors with your iwd file and is not recommended.

5. A .zip file will appear in your map_temp folder. Right click it and select rename. Change the file extension to .iwd. If asked "Are you shure you want to change this file extension?" say yes. Your .iwd should now look like mp_yourmapname.iwd

6. Your .iwd is now ready. Put it in your Call of Duty 2/main folder. Test it and make sure it works.

The diagram below shows the structure of a .iwd file

Note: There may be many more files and folders in a .iwd. This tutorial is only showing the basics. Other folders may include images, materials, soundaliases,etc

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