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Adding Ambient Sounds to Your Map
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The_Caretaker kindly explains how to add ambient sounds to your map
Adding Ambient sound tutorialby The Caretaker

As many of you might have noticed, the ambient sounds are not working when you copy them
from for instance mp_carentan. That's because, in the stock csv files the ambient aliases are limited
to the stock MP maps only.

This tutorial will show you how to add ambient sounds to your map. This tutorial works for SP as wel, just alter the name of the map and put the .gsc and .d3dbsp file in the /maps folder instead.

We'll be using the same soundfile as mp_carentan and the map will be named "mp_mapname", so you'll have to alter
this to your own mapname and the soundfile you prefer.

1) In your mp_mapname.gsc file, located in the maps/mp folder add

ambientPlay("ambient_mp_mapname"); to the main() function

So it should look something like this:


// set background ambient noise

// Soldier settings etc..

Save it.

2) Now for the .csv file.

Make a folder called "soundaliases" in your /main folder.
Inside this folder make a new text document.
Open this document and put the following lines in there:

name,sequence,file,vol_min,vol_max,vol_mod,pitch_min,pitch_max,dist_min,dist_max,channel,type,probability,loop,masterslave,loadspec,subtitle,compression,secondaryaliasname,volumefalloffcurve,startdelay,speakermap,reverb,lfe percentage


Save it as "mp_mapname.csv"

For your final release (not needed for local testing, as long as you've set pure to no):

3) Place the maps/mp (with the .d3dbsp file ofcourse) and /soundalias file in a .iwd file and you're good to go.

The ambient file used here is amb_france01b.mp3
Stock in CoD2 there are two others used:

ambient/amb_africa01b.mp3, and
There are alot more, which can be found in the iw_04.iwd file under sound/ambient.

This tutorial works for SP as well, just alter the name of the map and put the .gsc and .d3dbsp file in the /maps folder instead.

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