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Setting up the Editor - Part 2 (Game Settings)
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StrYdeR shows you how to set up your editors game settings.

There have been some questions lately on how to get your editors game settings set properly, hence the tutorial.  This tutorial will assume that you have followed the Setting up the Editor tutorial located here before moving on to this one...what? - you haven't done that yet? - no skipping ahead!  Go follow the first tutorial - I will wait for you....


Oh good - you're back!  That wasn't that hard was it?

When the mapping utility for CoDUO was released by GMI, it didn't take into account that some client environments were different than what GMI was working with.  If you read the README included with the mapping utility, you would see that it outlines the necessary changes - this will expand on that.

The first thing you need to do is open your Game Setitngs for editing

Click File --> Game Settings --> Edit


This will bring up the default .gam settings window


Now, in order to proceed, we need to know our installation path.

Find the shortcut to your CoDUO mp game or CoD mp game and right click it --> then click Properties


This should open up the properties window - where we can find our installation path


Now, having our installation path, let's make a note of it.


You will notice that I have installed this version of the editor into "C:/Program Files/Mapping/Call of Duty", and that as we saw in the previous screen the default path is "C:/Program Files/Call of Duty". 

I feel it only fair to at this juncture tell you that there are some known issues with having the Game of the Year Edition.  Really nothing serious, and certainly nothing that will stop you from mapping.  The problems seem to arise when compiling your map - and 99% of the issues can be rectified by renaming your installation folder from "Call of Duty Game of the Year Editiion" to simply "Call of Duty".  Of course you will then need to edit your shortcuts to reflect the newly renamed installation path.

Now, armed with the knowledge of our installation path, we can then edit our .gam settings to reflect our actual installation directory.


Notice that the basepath reflects our installation directory, and that the other paths have only been modified to suit our installation directory.


It is also important to note that NO modification was done to the paths that are game specific, and do not rely on installation path - rather on parent directory


Now, having set up your editors resources, and set your .gam settings, you should be well on your way to making your map

I also want to point out, and I know it has been said before - and will more than likely be said again - move / remove all non-stock pk3 files from your resource directories (../main/ and ../uo/) BEFORE making a map...your life will be so much easier


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