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P.o.W. explains how to make an ai run away from you...
 Ok this is a very very short tut but someone asked me a question a couple of days ago of how to make a german run away from you, like they are scared, so I just thought i would make this to make it clear to all .

All you have to do is set up an ai actor -- say german_mp40 and then make him a spawner(if u want).

Make a trigger once and a node were u want him to run to.

connect the trigger to the actor and then the actor to the node, link with pathnodes and then on the actor do;

key = script_moveoverride
value = 1

then when he spawns he will run to the node without shooting untill he reaches the targeted node and then he will turn and fire, unless u shoot him in the leg of course -- they aint that stupid.

Looks very good making him run to an mg42 from the open.

Also can be used for allies if u want to get the feeling they are heavily under fire and are running for cover.

Cheers PoW

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