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Creating a Realisitic (manueverable) Minefield
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I got bored one day and decided to make a realistic minefield. Unlike the ones in the game, you can get through this one without hitting a mine. Maybe it will be useful to somebody. You can't see the mines when you are standing up, but if you go prone and go slowly you can see the mines and avoid them and get through.


 The first thing I did was to put a terrain patch down with the texture normandy/ground_dirt@plowedfield. This is the minefield. Next I made the part of the mine that sticks out of the ground, just a 1 by 1 by 1 script_brushmodel with a metal texture. After that is done make an 8 by 8 by 16 trigger_once and put it on top of the mine. Give it a targetname of "mine_trigger". Select the trigger then the brushmodel and copy them and place them for how many mines you want. Once that is done, go around and connect each trigger to its corresponding mine. Make sure the triggers are targeting the mines.

Here's a picture of the mine and the trigger.


Now for the script.

* it is strongly advisable NOT to copy and paste from the tutorials code, rather to enter it line by line in your own gsc*

setCullFog (200, 2000, .5254, .6117, .7215, 0);

thread minefield();

level._effect["mine_explosion"] = loadfx ("fx/impacts/newimps/minefield.efx");

mines = getentarray("mine_trigger", "targetname");
for(a=0; a < mines.size; a++)
mines[a] thread minefield_think();

self waittill ("trigger", player);
self playsound ("minefield_click");
self playsound ("explo_mine");
origin = self getorigin();
range = 300;
maxdamage = 2000;
mindamage = 50;

playfx ( level._effect["mine_explosion"], origin);
radiusDamage(origin + (0, 0, 12), range, maxdamage, mindamage);

self.target hide();

Hope it is useful to somebody.


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