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Scripting 101 - Pacify AI
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BR3NT explains how to pacify AI
In your SP levels you sometimes need to 'Pacify' or make friendly you ai Actor's.
This applies to both Allies and Axis soldiers. As one entity or an array.


var = true; or false;

Like everything else, there are a few ways to execute this function on Ai.
It Can Be Used On:

a) A single entity.
b) A group of entities.
c) Allied and axis specific.

A Single entity:


ent = getaiarray("ent_name", "targetname");
ent.pacifist = true;

An Array Of Entities:


ai_array = getentarray("array_name", "targetname");
for(i = 0; i < ai_array.size; i++)
ai_array[i].pacifist = true;

Allied And Axis Specific:


all_ai = getaiarray("axis", "allies");  //Would Only Pacify Axis and Allied Soldiers
// If You Just Want One Group Pacified You Would Leave // Out The One You Dont Want Pacified. Like Below
// ai = getaiarray("axis",);  // Would Only Pacify Axis Soldiers
for(i = 0; i < ai.size; i++)
ai[i].pacifist = true;

And sometimnes we need to reverse this action. You do that like so:


all_ai = getaiarray("axis", "allies"); // This Would Return Everyone Back To Combat
for(i = 0; i < all_ai.size; i++)
ai[i].pacifist = false;

Im sure this will be useful to someone.
Stay Tuned For More Scripting Fun.[thumbs_up]

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