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Damaged .pk3's
CoD Mapping
heli to attack ai
CoD4 SP Mapping


CoD Mapping
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Weapon Settings 1.1
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This tutorial is supplimental information for the weapon mod tutorial here on www.modsonline.com ( The tutorial: http://www.modsonline.com/Tutorials-read-177.html ) . I went and did most of the other settings. My infomation may not match some of the stuff in the tutorial but the some of the numbers are really a guess of how much you should do. In the tutorial, I didnt do Animation, Sound, Crosshairs, Movement, and somethings i didnt see change during the game when I tested. I plan to test sound, movement, and crosshairs. Animation is tricky because i dont know how to do it.
This tutorial will show you most of the aspects of editing your gun.
Never save over the original files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did that once and I had to reinstall which takes about 20 – 30 min out of your time.
No pics means the thing is pretty self explanatory or I couldn’t find a pic. If you find an error plz contact me at gorillaz@dark-gamers.com
Also seems that if the input is not reasonable, the gun wont fire or perform the action you want it to do. Everything in the beginning of the code is animation and I don’t know how to do that so I wont go over it. This is everything exept for movement (like kickback), crosshairs, animation, and sound.(and stuff I cant find out)

AiEffectiveRange = how close you have to be to them to get a hit (ai shooting)
input: 1 – 5000 average: 250 (smg) 500 (rifle)
no pic ask

aiMissRange = ??? email me if you find out

aimDownSight = whether or not you can toggle aim down site.
input: 0 (off) 1 (on)
*it will stays in a weird way

ammoName = ??? idk plz email if you find out

ammoIcongfx/icons/hud@ammo9.tga = the ammo icon you see to pick it up off the floor
input : weapon file name

altWeapon = the other file for other weapon type
input : name of file
ex: Thompson_mp & thompson_semi_mp
* certain characteristics must match before you can switch. You cant grab mp44_mp and switch it to Thompson

oltAction = whether or not if u have to rechamber the bullet
input: 1 (on) 0 (off)

clipName = ???? idk cant find anything email me if you do

clipsize = how many bullets your gun can fire until it reloads
input :1 - 999

damage = how much damage each shot does
input: (higher the better) 1- 1000. Average is 50 (smg) to 120 (rifle)
Sorry no pic

displayname = what the name appears on the mode switch
text input:Anything * 2 pics

dropammomin lowest amount of ammo you drop input:1-999
no pic

dropammomax = maximum amount of ammo you drop input: 1 – 999 has to be above min
no pic

firedelay = how much time after you pull the trigger will the shot be fired
input: 0 * I have tried ways and it wont shoot if its not on 0* Must stay zero to shoot
no pic

firetime = how much time in seconds between each shot input: 0 – 10 * 0 is AWESOME
no pic

hudIcon”gfx/icons/hud@weaponmode_full.dds” = idk change the file in that size and make a new directory in your .pk3. if you just change the file name then make gfx folder then an icons folder. I suggest you get a program that edits .dds files like photoshop(with plugin)Find the weapons icon folder in pak5.pk3.

*My game has worst settings * all even 640 x w/e

killIcongfx/hud/hud@death_thompson.tga = the little picture that comes up when you kill someone with a Thompson

maxammo = how much you can have all together not including your clip
input: 1 – 999
no pic

meleedamage = how much damage your melee attacks do
input: (higher the better) 1 – 1000. Average is 60 (slow weapon) to 150 (fast weapon)
sorry no pic

meleedelay = how fast you melee from which you hit the button
input: anything lower than initial value * Anything higher and he will not melee
sorry no pic

meleetime = how long it takes to melee
input: 1 – 100 (same as eloadempty animation)
sorry no pic
* note if melee 100 animation stops but you cant fire until 100 sec up

modeIcongfx/hud/hud@weaponmode_full.tga = change the file in that size and make a new directory in your .pk3. if you just change the file name then make gfx folder then an icons folder. I suggest you get a program that edits .dds files like photoshop(with plugin)Find the weapons icon folder in pak5.pk3 sorry I havent been playing with that as much.

modeName = what shows up when its auto or semi auto. This only changes the name the options are still auto and semi I just changed auto to that
input: anything

movespeedscale = how fast you move (see note)
input: (lower the slower) average is .8 – 1.8
sorry no pic
* Not sure but I think its how many inches you move per millisecond. Just a Guess ☺*

oPartialReload = whether you can reload with bullets still left
input: 0 (off) 1 (on)
no pic

adiantName = the name that shows up when your weapon file .pk3 is in main
input: anything
*I think it has to have mpweapon inorder for it to show under the mpweapon menu *
no pic
I don’t advise to change this unless you made a new weapon file

echamberTime = ??? Plz email me if you find out

echamberbolttime = how long the reloading the bolt chamber takes (like “ eloademptytime”)
input: 1 – 100
* I think only for rifles
no pic

eloadtime = how fast you reload with bullets left
input: 1 – 100 ( 100 is very slow and animation will stop about half way and you will be reloaded)
* Average is about 1.8 (smg) to 2.5 (rifle) *
no pic sorry

eloadEmptyTime = how much time in seconds it needs to load after you wasted all your bullets
input 1 – 100 ( 100 is very slow and animation will stop about half way and you will be reloaded)
*Average is about somewhere around 2.2 (smg) to 2.5 (rifle)

eloadAddTime = ???? Plz email me if you find out

eloadStartTime = ???? Plz Email me if you find out

eloadStartAddTime = ???? Plz email me if you find out

eloadEndTime = ???? Plz email me if you find out

eticleMinOfs = ??? Plz Email me if you find out

eticleSidegfx/reticle/sideskinn.dds = ??? The file I don’t see a connection

semiAuto = if it is semi auto then you must click of each gun shot
input: 1 (on ) 0 (off)

startammo = how much ammo you start with not including your clip
input: 1 – 999 *must be equal or less than max ammo

weaponslot = where your guns are postioned
input: primary, pistol, grenade
*Special Note: Notice that the Thompson is in slot 3

worldModelweaponname = this is how to get your gun into Radiant by using a model and changing its properties to model then xmodel/thompson(ex)
input: what ever the weapon name your making is
no pic since I cant make 3d models with lightray or 3dmaxstudio

Photoshop Settings

thats only for is you want to change the color. i still have a problem with it buts thats a start.that’s good but for ones that don’t prompt you for minimaps make sure you have turned off. If you have photoshop make what you want then make it into the mode Index ( other for example is RBG) this is what it will look like in game****Choose Local(Selective) after you choose index . a menu should appear.This makes it more sharper(don’t do exact). You need to do this to save. Make sure you merge the layers so its on layer. For my mip maps files I turn mip maps off. I get a little bit pixilated picture though like in the ammoIcon

Volcom 186

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