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Adding LMG mounts in your SP map
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DirtyWop explains how to get LMG ounts in your SP UO maps
 I had problems adding mount points to my singleplayer maps. I used the HMG crouching and standing brushes in the common section with no avail. But, I seem to have found a solution.

1. Select either HMG Standing or HMG Crouching texture in Graydiant. I will use a window in my map for the sake of example. The bottom ledge is 32 units high from floor to top. 8 units front to back. 24 units left to right. Create a brush with these specifications. The top will simulate the bottom ledge of the window.

2. Select the brush and copy it. (space bar)

3. Place it so that it occupies the same space. Now side-stretch the newly created brush (from front to back) 10 units backwards. When I type "back" I mean when facing OUT the window, the intended direction is toward you.

4. After sizing the brush, with it selected, pull-up it's entity window. (n)

5. At the top of the entity window, scroll till trigger_mount is in view. Double click it. The entity window should close. Again bring-up the entity window. There should now be one box with the option crouch. If this box is checked, then you will crouch when you deploy your lmg. If left un-checked, then you will deploy while standing. That's it.

*Notes:You can use either standing or crouching textures, as it only matters if the crouch box is checked.

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