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Adding Sound to your Rotating Doors
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T.E.C. - Leader explains how to get sound to play when you open or close a rotating door
Door sounds:

Make a func_door_rotating brush with it`s origin, give it a target key and a targetname key.

Then you`d have to make a .gsc file for that door (yup that`s 1/door, I got 20+ doors in my map, so 20+ "doorX.gsc files) and put this code in it:

thread doors();

sound = getent("YOURTARGETNAME","targetname");
door = getent ("YOURTARGET", "target");
door waittill ("trigger");
sound playsound("open");
wait (3.8);
sound playsound("close");
self thread doors();

In your soundalias file make sure you have the entries for "open" and "close" sounds, would look like this:

,name,name of the alias that is used to play this sound (required)
,sequence,"used to uniquely identify alias entries when more than one sound goes to an alias, used only to catch unwanted duplicates (default = 0)"
,file,the name of the file that contains the sound data (required)
,vol_min,"0 is silent, 1 is full volume (default = 1)"
,vol_max,"0 is silent, 1 is full volume (default = same as vol_min)"
,pitch_min,"1 is normal playback, 2 is twice as fast, 0.5 is half as fast (default = 1)"
,pitch_max,"1 is normal playback, 2 is twice as fast, 0.5 is half as fast (default = same as pitch_min)"
,dist_min,"within this distance in inches, the sound is always full volume (default = 120)"
,dist_max,"outside this distance in inches, the sound is not started. If left blank or set to 0, the sound will play from any distance. This does not affect sound volume falloff."
,channel,"auto, menu, weapon, voice, item, body, local, music, announcer (default = auto)",,,,,,,,,,,,,
,type,streamed / loaded (default = loaded),,,,,,,,,,,,,
,probability,weight to use for the weighted probability of playing this sound instead of another sound (default = 1),,,,,,,,,,,,,
,loop,"whether this sound is ""looping"" or ""nonlooping"" (default = ""nonlooping"")",,,,,,,,,,,,,
,masterslave,"if ""master"", this is a master sound. If a number, then this sound won't exceed this volume whenever any master sound is playing. If blank, then neither master nor slave.",,,,,,,,,,,,,
,loadspec,"space-separated list of which maps should use this alias; eg, ""burnville dawnville"". If blank, the alias is used on all maps.",,,,,,,,,,,,,




Don`t forget you need one .gsc file per door, and don`t forget to update each with their specific target and targetname!

Then you need to have your main .gsc file calling those door.gsc files, like this:


And so on...

Finally, you need your soundloadspecs to call your soundalias file...

You can check other uo maps to see how these files are all related, how they point to each other...

You`ll see it works fine, pretty easy stuff, once you know it lol

Good Luck!


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