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is this place alive?
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AI firing an MG42
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Grim explains how to have an AI firing an MG42
Ok i finaly got it working and i think i should let everyone know about it,now this tutorial will show how to make a AI shoot from a mg42 this will require absolutely "NO" scripting,so lets start right away!...OK..

First insert a MG42 into your map then make it a

mg42_bipod_stand or use prone instead of stand,depending on wich position the AI will use it..ok

now place a actor in the map and a pathnode


give the actor a targetname im using russmg for example


target mg for example

then select the pathnode and give it a target name mg and target mguse

now select the MG42 and give it a targetname mguse

you should notice arrows connecting to the node and mg and actor,alright now the LAST part of this simple tut..move the pathnode to the mg handle like so..
user posted image

then move the actor into the same spot as the node!

user posted image

now,just compile it and play it and the ai should be using the mg42

user posted image

and thats it

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