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Assigning Player Weapons
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magnum76 explains the way to give your sp players weapons
in the maps folder where your .bsp file goes, you need a .gsc file. The .gsc file will contain some script which will add weapons to your player when he spawns. To do this, make a new text doc in the /call of duty/main/maps folder. Add this to the body:

// This script was made by Seeded[USAF] on December 26th, 2003.
//Loads all the global scripts... Just use it!

// This little bit equips you with some weaponry. You need specifiy which items to equip your character.
level.player takeallweapons();
level.player giveWeapon("m1carbine");
level.player giveWeapon("thompson");
level.player giveWeapon("colt");
level.player giveWeapon("fraggrenade");
level.player switchToWeapon("thompson");


Now use the Save As option and, using the quotes, so that text doc will save it as a different file name, Save As "mapname.gsc". This will add mapname.gsc to your maps folder. Now just copy and rename this file for any new map you make. The .gsc file must be the same name as your map. Example I am making a map for my 8 year old brett...I have a brett.bsp (after compile) and a brett.gsc so he will spawn with weapons. This .gsc file is where other effects and script code goes.

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