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Parachuting into Action
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Flipsen explains how to parachute into action
Hi there everyone with the help of bdbodger and his brother bodger2 i have been able to devise a script which makes the player begin the mission by parachuting in, sadly enough for all you mp mappers, it wont work for MP.

Well anyway there is nothing special you have to do in radiant except for the info_player_start

STEP1: in Codradiant, place the info_player_start as high as you want (this is where your drop-in begins) BUT NOT OUTSIDE YOUR SKYBOX!

STEP2: add the following text to your gsc (script) file.

level.player allowProne (false);
level.player allowCrouch (false);

start = level.player.origin;

startheight = start[2];

level.player.origin = level.player.origin + (0,0,0);

parachute = spawn ("script_model",(0,0,0));
parachute setmodel ("xmodel/parachute_animrig");

parachute.origin = level.player.origin;

level.player linkto (parachute,"TAG_player",(0,0,0),(0,0,0));

while (1)
wait 0.05;

direction = (0,0,-9);

start = level.player.origin;
end = start + (0,0,-64);

hitcharacters = 1;

if (results["fraction"]!=1)
level.player.origin = results["position"];
level.player unlink();

level.player allowProne (true);
level.player allowCrouch (true);

parachute hide();

STEP 3: add the following lines to your "main" thread in your script.

level thread parachute();

STEP 4: this is not actually a step, i'll explain the script here:

the RED line tells the game where you'll draft during your drop-in, in X-Y-Z coordinates, so (0,0,-9) means you'll ga 9 units per second straight down.
12 units per second would be a realistic speed for real parachuting.

the BLUE line tells you where you'll spawn, but as we have already placed our spawn point high in the sky, we leave the coordinates (0,0,0)


this script was originally devised by SCORPIOMIDGET, so credit gost mostly to him for the script, i just cleaned it up.

EDIT: i've just edited the script so you can't crouch and go prone during your drop-in

ONE MORE THING: the parachute model isn't really good, well, you'll see it ingame, the straps and backpack are not really where they are supposed to be and so far i haven't gotten any succes in "tagging"the player to that "backpack".

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