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is this place alive?
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AI on Patrol
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Bodger2 and getting your AI to patrol
Getting your AI's to patrol a path is easy.

make a patrol path of pathnodes,so that they are all connected. (It'll auto-generate the targetnames if you use ctrl+k to link two nodes together (which is the best way to do it))

one node MUST be spawnflagged NOT_CHAIN for patrol to work.

Place an Ai in your map,spawned or not.

Edit: Do not spawn friendly AI's as patrollers,enemy AI's are ok to spawn.
You can have friendly AI's as patroller as long as they are not spawned.

Give him the KEY:script_patroller Value:1 (see values below)

Target him to one of the nodes,not the one that is flagged not_chain.

Possible values are
[0] = patrolwalk_bounce;
[1] = patrolwalk_tired;
[2] = patrolwalk_swagger;

Your Ai's will patrol the path until alterted.
you do need a GSC file or the AI's will stand there doing nothing.But just a basic one.


mapsload::main loads all the global scripts for you so thats all you need to get this to work.
I should add that if you give a node in the chain a KEY:script_animation VALUE:1
the patroler will pause and do a random animation before moving on.
The patroler will do one of three animations ,twitch,look,or idle.

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