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CoD Mapping
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Breakable Wood
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Sniper explains how to get breakable wood in your SP map
This is very short but here it goes - No Pictures or telling what goes where.

1) Each trigger_damage has a targetname of "wood_splinter"

2) Each trigger_damage targets the script_brushmodel of the pieces of wood to break

3) Each piece of wood to break targets the script_brushmodels of the broken pieces that will show when it's broken

4) Give the trigger_damage a 'script_noteworthy' to wait for a notify to be given before the wood can break

example: 'script_noteworthy' of 'wood_time' will wait for 'level notify ("wood_time");' before pieces are breakable

5) Exec this script at the start of your level - "maps\_wood::main();"
- Just a note, you can only use this feature in SP because the wood script was only written for SP, if you try this in MP it will not work because the wood script calls for a savegame, which does not exist in MP.

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