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Curved Wall with Trimming
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Curved Wall with Trimming... Cafe Style
Many peope have asked questions as to how I have created my curved walls and trimming for my cafe.. So I have decided to make this very simple and easy to follow tutorial that even a beginner can master. It is very simple, and this tutorial could have been made quicker, but as mention it is layed down so beginners can understand too..

So let's begin.. I have included a start.map file here with the basic start of construction to making a SPR style cafe.. this is where you will begin..

Step 1:- Download and open start.map in Gradiant.. This is what you should see..

Step 2:- Set gird to 4.. Go to top view.. In caulk; draw out a square brush that touches both walls.. In this case 64x64 units wide.. Change to side view and resize brush to the height of the main walls.. In this case 136 units tall..

Step 3:- Now with the brush still highlighted, go to the top drop down menu and select Patch > Bevel..

Step 4:- Now our brush has been converted into a curved mesh.. As you can see the edges of the curved mesh should meet the outer parts of the main walls..

Step 5:- Choose the texture you like.. In this case I have used " Industrial/concrete@dam_concrete4.. After we have applied the texture to our mesh we can bring up the surface inspector dialog box by hitting "S".. You can see that there are several texture options for patches.. Select fix..

Step 6:- Deselect mesh and select the floor brush.. Using clipper tool.. Set grid to 1 and clip the shape of the curved mesh to trim floor.. Deselect main brush of floor..

Step 7:- Delete selected brushes and then texture the caulked parts of the brush.. Easiest way is to select the face of teh edge of the floor that is already textured by holding down ctrl, shift and left mouse button.. then select the caulked parts the same way.. Press "S" and simply press apply..

Step 8:- Set grid to 2 and select curved mesh.. Hit space bar to copy the patch..

Step 9:- Select Patch > Matrix > Invert.. Or simply press ctrl - I as a shortcut.. Notice that this has inverted the mesh so that the texture is on the inside..

Step 10:- Resize mesh to meet the edges of the inner sides of the main walls.. In this case it has been resized to 48x48 units away wide and deselect..

Step 11:- Select front mesh again and press space bar to copy.. Now resize mesh.. In this case it has been resized to fit the texture blocks.. Move this new mesh 4 units away from main curved mesh and be sure to resize width to touch main walls..

Step 12:- Go to the top drop down menu and select Patch > Thicken.. Or simply hold down shift ctrl - T as a shortcut..

Step 13:- A thicken patch box will appear and at default is set to 8 units, change this to 6 units and keep seams ticked this should make edges on our mesh and be 2 units into the wall as well as 4 units sticking out..

Step 14:- With the meshes still selected press alt "H" to hide the rest of brushes.. Deselect it all except inner seam and press delete, just to save on FPS etc..

Step 15:- Shift "H", to show all again.. Select rest of remaining seams and bring up the surface editor inspector "S", and select natural under patch..

Step 16:- With seams and patch selected hit the space bar to copy and arrange to your liking.. In this case I made one at the top, bottom and in the middle..

Step 17:- Just copied what we did and added it above the meshes for second floor..

Well I hope my first official tutorial helps people master this.. and that it makes sense..

You can get the .map file here..

Tutorial by madcrow

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