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CoD Mapping
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Curved Roads
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Tank shows us how to create curved roads.
Curving Roads - By TanK-

This tutorial is based on that your skill in mapping is'nt too high, so I made it all really easy and clear. Lots of screenshots <100kb though so becareful 56k'ers!

How to make a curved road with the CoD Radiant editor you ask? This is my way of doing it, if your reading this even though you already know how it's done, and you have another way of doing it that is maybe better.. well.. congratulations!

Anyways, let's start of with making a 256X64 as shown in the picture.

After doing that, go to the dropdown menu 'Patch' and select 'Simple Patch Mesh... as shown in the picture. Make the patch 5x7 also shown in the picture below.

Now you have a patch.. horray! If you wonder what the difference is with patch meshes and terrain meshes, hard to explain but, a patch mesh is a mesh with what you can do anything with the vertices, you can bend it and you can flip it onto the Z-axis. A terrain mesh is primairly used for terrain.

You see a before/after image, left is before the bend and right after the bend, drag it like I've dragged it. Not too hard.

Cut these two parts of the patch. Shift click to select the whole row of vertices and press Ctrl+Shift+X to cut. To this to the other one and all you have left is a curve. An ugly curve.

Press V if needed to show the vertices, make sure the grid is still '3' (Grid 4). Select all of them and press Ctrl+G to snap them to the grid.

Move the vertices excatly as shown in the image, one in the outer corners, then 8 units between, another.. you get the drift.

Now it's a good lookin' curve!

Texture it by pressing 'S' for Surface Inspector and copy+paste this: 'normandy/ground/dirt_clampx@road_groundborder' and make 'texture x' and 'texture y' both 1. Press 'Apply'.

If you would like it to be a detailed road and all, just pull the inner and outer vertices 8 units lower.

Congratulations and have fun with your curved piece of road.

If you have used this tutorial, a bit of credit won't hurt.


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