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Enabling HTTP Redirect on your CoD:UO 1.51 Server
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={W}=Trinity posted this helpful information

Downloading via HTTP Redirect

As mentioned , United Offensive and the 1.5 CoD patch introduced a much better way of downloading mods from servers. By incorporating HTTP Redirect, server administrators can now upload their mods to a website and link to the website path in the game config. Below is the list of settings and instructions for how you can enable HTTP Redirect on your server, as well as what’s required as far as uploading your custom files to a web location.
Settings Involved in enabling HTTP Redirect


This variable is the path to your website and the root folder/directory that contains a folder labeled “uo” for United Offensive, “main” for regular Call of Duty. While the uo/main folder contains the actual files to be downloaded, it does not need to be specified in the Base URL path. This means that while the full web path to your files might be http://www.pjgsquad.com/cod_downloads/uo/filename.pk3 or http://www.pjgsquad.com/cod_downloads/main/filename.pk3, all the game requires is to know the base path to the “uo” or “main” folder (i.e. http://www.pjgsquad.com/cod_downloads). Essentially, whereever you install the files on your server (in the UO folder or in the MAIN folder), you will need a matching folder name on your download site, with the files to be downloaded therein.

There have been some issues reported with this cvar regarding the use of “http://” or just “www.” in the cvar definition. As such, you may need to try both settings in order to find the correct one that works for your server. The below examples will show the usage of both options.

NOTE: Regardless of what file path settings you need to use, your web path for this cvar should always be the path to get to the “uo” or “main” folder, but never actually include those folders in the var. Meaning, whether your path is “http://www.pjgsquad.com/cod_downloads/main/filename.pk3” or it’s “http://www.pjgsquad.com/cod_downloads/uo/filename.pk3”, the web path you input for this cvar would always be “http://www.pjgsquad.com/cod_downloads”


This variable controls whether you have people connecting to your server disconnected before the Redirect occurs or to allow them to connect and download at the same time. Due to bandwith issues, for both the client and the server, it is recommended you disconnect the player for the download; let them reconnect; 1 enables, 0 disables.


This is actually the controlling cvar for HTTP Redirect. By setting this value to 1, you enable the feature, setting to 0 disables.

Example HTTP Redirect Settings (taken from my own setup)

set sv_wwwDownload 1

set sv_wwwDlDisconnected 0

set sv_wwwBaseURL "www.pjgsquad.com/cod_downloads"

Optionally: set sv_wwwBaseURL http://www.pjgsquad.com/cod_downloads

set sv_wwwDlDisconnected 1

or see the whole thing here: Call of Duty - RCON

these seem to help too

set sv_reconnectlimit "3"
set sv_dl_maxRate "42000" // Max download speed 42000 = 12kb

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