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Table Kick Animation
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Another great tutorial by BR3NT that shows you how to add an AI kicking a table to your SP map....

Table Kick Animation


This is really cool, and will make your SP levels way better, Adds realisim...BIG TIME.

United Offensive Specific Animation

1/ Build a room with some lights or Whatever For your guy to Do The Animation in.
2/ Right Click The 2D window and add an AI-Actor (German Of Course)
3/ With The AI-Actor Selected Hit "N" and Bring Up The entity Window.

- Check the Box marked "SPAWNER" and give the AI-Actor these Paramters.


Thats it for the Ai-Actor.

4/Right-Click the 2D window and select "script_model" then give it these parameters:

  KEY:  targetname
  VALUE:  table_lamp

  KEY:  model
  VALUE:  xmodel/o_us_frn_foy_table


5/Next Draw a Brush in front of the door, Then Right-Click the 2D Window and select "Trigger_Multiple"
  This will be the Trigger That Spawns The Table Kicker.

Give The Trigger These Paramaters:

  KEY:  targetname
  VALUE:  spawn_kick_table

Note:You have to play with The triggers positioning to have it spawn him as you walk in a room.
Remember if You SEE The spawn point as You Hit The Trigger The AI-Actor will NOT spawn

Thats it for the map so compile it.

This is the Script That will run The Animation. It is Right out Of the Game Basically.
I Have just pulled it out of the game to show You How to Add it To your SP levels.
Sure Makes walking into rooms More fun.


thread spawn_guy_table();


trigger = getent("spawn_kick_table", "targetname");
trigger waittill("trigger");
eguy = getent("guy_kick_table", "targetname");
eguy_ai = eguy dospawn();
eguy_ai.grenadeawareness = 0;
eguy_ai waittill ("finished spawning");
eguy_ai thread maps\_utility_gmi::magic_bullet_shield();
wait 0.25;
eguy_ai.animname = "guy_table";
eguy_ai.pacifist = true;
eguy_ai thread maps\_anim::anim_single_solo(eguy_ai,"knock_over");
level thread table_lamp_event();
wait 2;
eguy_ai notify ("stop magic bullet shield");
eguy_ai.pacifist = false;

// ============================================================

etable = getent("table_lamp", "targetname");
etable.animname = "table_kick";
etable UseAnimTree(level.scr_animtree[etable.animname]);
// etable thread table_crash_sounds(); // Calls Sounds(Not Used in this Tutorial)
etable maps\_anim::anim_single_solo(etable, "table_anim");


// ==========================================================

// This would Call The sounds But That Involves .CSV Files and this is an Animation Tutorial.
// Those who know what to do can add this into the script. If Not Leave it Alone.

// table_crash_sounds()
// {
// wait 0.3;
// self playsound ("table_crash");
// wait 1.6;
// self playsound ("lantern_crash");
// }

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