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Talking AI
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This tutorial by br3nt shows you how to add talking AI in your SP map


First off This tutorial deals with soundalises and you need to have a little knowledge about whats going on,
as completely new people get lost.
Although I Think this is not that hard to grasp. So lets Get started. I will Try To Make it As Easy As I Can.
Cause I Know Speaking AI are A Part of A Good Level.

First Create two new folders in Your CallofDuty Main Folder Called:

soundaliases and sound

SoundAlises are just names given to your sounds so the game can find and use them. They go in a File Called "YOURMAPNAME.csv" where YOURMAPNAME is the name of your Map.

Ex: If Your Map is named - test_ai.map
Your .csv file is named - test_ai.csv

You can create this file using notepad. Then just rename it and its extension.(Make sure Your Computer Is Showing File Extensions.) Dont ask me this as I cant teach You To Use Your Computer at the same time. OH OK.... Open any Folder Click Tools >FolderOptions>View Tab> Unckeck - Hide File Extensions for Known File types. This applies to NT Win 98 may be different. I Cant Remember...

What goes Inside this .csv File is this:


#example Sounds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

NOTE:Sound1 and Sound2 are sound aliases
Elder_cantbeliveiagreed.wav and Foley_letsdoitalloveragain.wav are the actual name of our sounds.
These are the sounds I have selected For This Tutorial.You May Use Your Own But Be Careful Cause Some sounds are wrong Format or are not Compatible with game.This can cause headaches.
Stock sounds work fine.RememberThis is an example. I have used Speaking Sounds,
Where as If I used Looping Sounds My Lines would Be A Little Different.
But We Are concerned with Talking So That will Be Another Time.

The YOURMAP.csv Goes in the soundaliases Folder You created.
Sounds Go In The sound Folder You Created.

NOTE:Make sure soundaliases and sound folders are named in Lower Case Letters.Just Do it.
Ok thats It for our Sounds and Our Sound Aliases.

Now For The Map.

1/Put Two AI Actors In Your Map. Name Them guy1 and guy2



2/Make two Trigges_Multiples like in the pic Below name them guy1trigger and guy2trigger




Thats It For The Map Compile it...

Now on To The The Script.

Your script will be what makes it all work...Here it is: SCRIPT: main()
maps_load::main(); // Loads Main Scripts
level.player takeallweapons(); // Tells player to take all weapons listed below
level.player giveWeapon("thompson"); // Just give em a Thompson
level.player switchToWeapon("thompson"); // Defines The Starting weapon
thread act1(); // Initiates Function act1()
thread act2(); // Initiates Function act2()

trig1 = getent("guy1trigger","targetname"); // Defines Trigger for guy1
allied1 = getent("guy1","targetname"); // Defines allied1 as guy1
trig1 waittill ("trigger"); // Tells Trigger1 to wiat Until Hit
allied1 playsound ("Sound1"); // Tells allied1 or guy1 to play our sound alias Sound1

trig2 =getent("guy2trigger","targetname");
allied2 = getent("guy2","targetname");
trig2 waittill ("trigger");
allied2 playsound ("Sound2");

Thats it for the script..When You Walk Through Each trigger The Ai will say The sound They Have been given in the script.

Hopefully This Has Been Useful To Someone...

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