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Vehicles in CoDuo MP
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Adding vehicles to Call of Duty United Offensive Multplayer maps by Bodger2.
Edited 02/27/2005
Edited 02/27/2005
You just need to make them script_vehicles,and give them the correct vehicletype.

You also need to have a script_vehicle_collmap for them in the map.(2 or more of the same model,only need 1 collmap)
The script_vehicle_collmaps are done the same way as single player.

*edit - This is not correct, in that the collmaps are added to the map during the compile process.  Take a look at the Setting up the Editor Tutorial and the Compiling Tutorials on this site to ensure that all of the resources are available and that you are compiling correctly.

If you only want your vehicle to show up in certain game types,you need to give them a script_gameobjectname
You can disallow them threw the MP menu as well.


"classname" "script_vehicle"
"model" "xmodel/mp_artillery_flak88_snow"
"vehicletype" "flak88_mp"
"script_gameobjectname" "dom bas sd re"

"classname" "script_vehicle_collmap"
"targetname" "xmodel/mp_artillery_flak88_snow"

Also you need to add a few lines in your GSC file.
level thread maps\mp\_tankdrive_gmi::main();//for tanks
level thread maps\mp\_jeepdrive_gmi::main();//for jeeps
level thread maps\mp\_flak_gmi::main();//for flak88s

To enable the vehicle movement sounds you need to add to your soundloadspecs/mp/yourmapname.csv


Here are the vehicles and vehicletypes

"model" "xmodel/mp_artillery_flak88"
"vehicletype" "flak88_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_artillery_flak88_snow"
"vehicletype" "flak88_mp"

"model" "xmodel/v_ge_lnd_elefant"
"vehicletype" "elefant_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_vehicle_gaz67b"
"vehicletype" "gaz67b_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_vehicle_horch1a"
"vehicletype" "horch_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_vehicle_panzeriv"
"vehicletype" "panzeriv_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_vehicle_panzeriv_snow"
"vehicletype" "panzeriv_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_vehicle_sherman"
"vehicletype" "shermantank_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_vehicle_sherman_snow"
"vehicletype" "shermantank_mp"

"model" "xmodel/v_rs_lnd_su152"
"vehicletype" "su152_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_vehicle_t34"
"vehicletype" "t34_mp"

"model" "xmodel/mp_v_us_lnd_willysjeep"
"vehicletype" "willyjeep_mp"
thats willyjeep not willysjeep,no s in the type

Here is a small test map so you can see how its done,it's only setup for dm and tdm.
Put it in your uo folder,the .map file is in the pk3 in the maps/mp dir.
If you find any more that work,let us know.

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