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Making Weapons Mods
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This tutorial will show you how to make a very simple mod for rifles and automatics.
1. First off id like to thank foyleman for letting me make this tutorial.
2. Now right to the point
3. We are gonna make a very simple mod for rifles and automatics.

1. First I just use winrar to do this. Open up pak0.pk3 located in the "Main" folder.

2. Now make a folder in the COD Folder. I will call mine Lyoko(after my favorite show).

3.Open up the Weapons folder in the pak0.pk3.

4. Pick MP.

5. Find Thompson_mp and Thompson_Semi_mp drag them into your mod folder.

6. Now make a weapons folder in your MOD Folder (mine is lyoko remember?)

7. Inside that weapons folder make an mp folder. And Drag the weapon files into the mp folder.

8. Now to mod: 1 Open up the Thompson File with notepad.
2. Press ctrl f and type clipsize. The number after the word clipsize is the rounds. Instead of 30 set it to 45. And to edit damage press ctrl f type damage the number after that is how much 1 shot will do choose a number 1-100. Melee damage look to the right and change that too if you like.

Packing: Select the weapons folder from your Lyoko Folder(or whatever you named it)If you have Winrar Like i used in the begining click add to archive. name it weapons.pk3 click zip and get rid of the .zip part.

Testing: Open up CodMP.exe and go to mods and click on Lyoko(or whatever you named them). Now create a a new sever and turn pure off.

If doing this to an automatic do the same to the Thompson_semi_mp file as well. Rifles there isnt a semi auto so you only change 1

Rifles and sniper rifles are 2 differnt guns! so if you want to update a rifle do that you dont need to update a sniper rifle just to update a rifle.

I dont want full scredit for this as i got the info on the pak0.pk3 from a differnt site but the way you edit i thought of it. And Most of the credit goes to foyleman for letting me make this and creating a great site for me to add this! Support modsonline Become prefered

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