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Adding Mortars and Effects
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How to add mortars with a custom GSC for effects
OK first make the area where you want the mortar to land. For example, select the terrain mesh and press Y to bring up the terrain editor. Use the paint height to make the impact hole. Next, right click on the 2d view and go to Script>Model. Leave it as a red box and give it a targetname of mortar. Save the map and compile.

Now for the .gsc file. Create a new txt file, rename it to .gsc and put this into it:
    // Specify two different explosion effects to randomly play
    level._effect["mortar_explosion"][0] = loadfx ("fx/impacts/newimps/dirthit_mortar2day.efx");
    level._effect["mortar_explosion"][1] = loadfx ("fx/impacts/newimps/minefield.efx");
    // send down the mortars
    level thread mortars();

    // Get an array of all the mortars in the level
    mortar = getentarray ("mortar","targetname");
    // Loop over and over while the level is loaded
    while (1)
    // Wait 5-10 seconds randomly before doing a mortar explosion
    wait (5 + randomfloat(5));
    // Make sure there are no players close enough to this mortar to kill them
    GoodPosition = false;
    while (!GoodPosition)
    // Pick a random mortar location
    rand = randomint(mortar.size);
    // Check if any players are within 200 of the randomly picked mortar
    GoodPosition = true;
    players = getentarray("player", "classname");
    for(i = 0; i < players.size; i++)
    if (distance(mortar[rand].origin,players[i].origin) < 200)
    GoodPosition = false;
    // Play the incomming mortar sound effect
    mortar[rand] playsound("mortar_incoming");
    // Wait 2 seconds while the imcomming sound plays
    wait 2;
    // Do the explosion effect
    origin = mortar[rand] getorigin();
    playfx (level._effect["mortar_explosion"][randomint(2)], origin);
    // Play the explosion sound
    mortar[rand] playsound("mortar_explosion");
    // Make the explosion cause damage
    radiusDamage(mortar[rand].origin, 300, 2000, 50);

Save it and call it mortar.gsc. Now add this line into the mybspname.gsc to add it to your own map:
And that’s it….simple wasn’t it? You can download the .pk3 file from the Supplements section that contains every thing that I used to make the tutorial along with the .map file.
You can check out the page here.

This tutorial was written by adwamslayer (email).

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