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3 Point Clipping
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Practical use for the 3 point clipping tool

 Clipper Tool.
Here is a zip with the .map
Download the .map file

What the clipper tool basically does it clip a brush into two piecies specified by where you make the clip. You can make as many clips you want to a brush.
The use the clipper tool, select a brush(s) and press this icon. The shortcuts for the clipper are, X to toggle the clipper on and off, and ctrl+rightmousebutton to mark point 1, and then ctrl+rightmousebutton to mark point 2, and again to mark point 3 if desired.
So you have this right here, and you want everything to be sealed and you dont want to waste any space on anything useless.

First you can make some basic clips to the square brushes to seal them.
Select a brush, and press X (or hit the button on the toolbar). Then select two points. You will now see something like this. Here I made the clips in the xz view. You can see that the two points are labeled 1 and 2 respectively. Now you have a clip, and if this is what you want you can press enter (but dont just yet) and make another clip. So let's mess around with the different things you can do with the clipper tool in this current position.
You can do the following things:
-Press Enter. This will keep the piece that you currently have, and you will be ready to make another clip. Or press X again and disable the clipper tool.

-Hold Shift and press Enter. This will bring up both of the pieces, and you will be ready to make another clip. Or you can press X again to disable the clipper.

-Hold Ctrl and press Enter. This will keep the other side of what you clipped.

Ok now you can make the original clip.

Then you can finish that brush off by making another clip on the bottom.

Now you got that basic idea so finish off this section.

Notice that the brushes have some gaps in them. So just drag them all up until they meet each other at a nice 45 degree angle.

Now go over to the other section.

Then make all the same clips to prepare everything to meet up and at a nic 45 degree angle.

Then make all of the brushes flush to seal them nicely.

Now the fun part begins lol.
You have sealed off the other two sections very nicely but you still have this center area to do.

The first thing you can do here is clip all of the stairs.

Now add in the walls for the stair area. Make them go from the upper part of upper side to the lower part of the low side.

Now clip those walls. Since the walls are both lined up and you can select both walls and clip them both at the same time, and they will end up identical.

Ok thats cool, but how are we going to get that 45 degree angle on the side using 2 point clipping? 3 Point Clipping, of course!
Now since we can not make 3 Point clips on the same plane we will have to use more than one plane, meaning we will be using more than 1 of the views [ie, xy(top), yz(side), xz(front)]
So select a brush. Press X to enable the clipper tool. Select two points on the same plane, then look at those two points in another view. Notice that you made the clip on the yz side view, and it looks fine there, but look at the other two views, they are no where near the brush that we selected to be clipped. That is because the clipper sets them up on the 0(zero) for the other planes. While 3 point clipping that can become a hassle, having to move all your clips so they line up perfectly on zeros. The solution to this is just to drag them over. So put your mouse over one of the points on another view, and notice that it now has a crosshair looking thing over it rather than the usual cursor. Now you know how to move the clips around.
Note: You do NOT need to do this for 2 point clips on a single plane.
So turn off the clipper tool.
Now select one of the walls, and lets do our first 3 point clip.
So make your first 2 clips(red) in the YZ view. Then drag them over to line up in the XZ view(blue) These could have also be dragged in the XY view Then in the XZ view (red) select the 3rd point. Then drag it into position in the XY(blue) view. Once everything is lined up you will see your nice 3 point clip, and can press enter or ctrl+enter to get the right piece. Then we get to do this for the bottom of this wall and the other wall, ohh joy lol. This is kind of confusing at first but you will understand it after messing around with it for a while.
Once the walls are done we can add in the roof and floor for some more fun clipping action.

Now lets add the roof. Make a big brush like so and get ready to clip it.

Ok so we made the easy clips.

Now for the 3 point clipping to get that perfect seal.

Now we need to add the floor that will be right below the stairs. So make a big box then make the simple clips. Just like the roof.
Now for some more fun with 3 point clipping.
Same concept as before

Now if you take off a side wall you will see how perfectly clipped our area is now. Ooo very nice :D

Once you finish you will have a pimped out sealed 3 point clipped stair section. Then you can add some textures and little details and test it out in game.

Please tell me if there are any errors in this tut. Hope you all get something from this.

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