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Your First Room : Introduction to Building with Brushes
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This tutorial is going to teach you the very basic methods of building maps.
 This tutorial assumes that you have no knowledge of mapping, or no knowledge of using any version of Radiant.

This tutorial is going to teach you the very basic methods of building maps.

First we need to select the caulk texture. So go up to the texture list and select common. After a pause, in which the editor is loading the textures, in the texture window you will see the textures from the "common" group (you will need to scroll down to see them all ( right click and drag) ). Select the caulk texture (see below).

A quick note about caulk: In basic terms CALK tells the compiler that it can ignore this when drawing the world. This is often a face (on a brush) never seen by the Player.

We are not going to hollow out a box as most tutorials suggest - yes its quick and easy, but it's a bad habit to get intoand it doesn't always layout the brushes properly. So we're going to create our floor now.

In the main section, Left click and drag a square - make it 256 units by 256 units. You will see in the "height" section that your new bruch is 8 units high.Thats fine just now. Move it below the 0 indicator on the grid. You can do this by left clicking in the center of the box, and dragging it down. The red border indicates that the current brush hsa been selected. When you've finished the square, hit escape to deselect the brush.

We now need to create some walls. So drag a wall next to our floor as shown in the image below, make it 16 units wide. Change views to the XZ Front view (using the xyz button in the top toolbar) and drag your brush up so that it becomes 256 units high. With your brush still selected, hit space. This copies any brushes / entities that you have currently selected. Drag your copied wall over to the other side of your floor.

Change back to the XY Top view. Now we are going to create the other 2 walls. Copy one of your walls and hit r. This activates "Free Rotation" mode. by holding down the left mouse button and pushing forward / dragging back you can rotate your brush. Rotate it 90 degrees. Hit r to finish Free Rotate mode. Move the brush into place. Copy this one and drag it into place too.

To complete your room, change to the Front view again, copy your floor brush and drag it up to the top of your room to create a hollow box. There should be no gaps between your brushes. You should have something that looks like :

Ok now we have to texture the inside of the room. Move the camera so that you can see the inside of the room in the 3d view. Now we only want to texture the 6 faces that the player can see (each brush has six sides or faces). To do this hold down ctrl + shift and left click on the 4 walls. Go to the texture menu, and select austria->walls. Selecting a texture will texture the 4 selected faces.

Now do the same thing with the floor and ceiling, selecting a floor texture for the floor and a ceiling one for the ceiling. You have just textured your room. Now we need to add a light. Move the 3D view back to the inside of the room. Right click on the main window, and select light and a light entity appears. Move it down so that it is in the center of the room. Voila one light. There will be more about lights in the next tutorial.

Now we have to add a player start.The player start is where the player will first appear in your map. For multiplayer games you have to add different starts, but thats for a different tutorial. Hit escape to deselect everything. Right click on the main 2D view. Select info->player->start. You will see the infoplayerstart entity appear. Move it down so that its nearly touching the floor.

You will see that there is an arrow inside the infoplayerstart entity. This shows the direction that the player will be facing when the map starts. There you have it. You have finished creating your first room. You now need to compile it.

Written by Surgeon

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