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Creating Bunkers
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This tutorial’s purpose is to tune some skills of patch and terrain mesh using as well as developing a skill to integrate them
Bunker Tutorial

Purpose: This tutorial’s purpose is to tune some skills of patch and terrain mesh using as well as developing a skill to integrate them. I found replicating the bunker from mp_rocket to be a great way to do this. Plus it seems a lot of people want to know This is what we’ll be making:

First off, we're going to make the top because it's the hardest. You want to start with a length of a third the length of the side length. The width of the piece needs to be twice the size of how tall you want the top of the bunker. I DON'T recommend doing 128 wide like shown, the geometry won't work later. I recommend doing 64. The point will line up perfect and it is pretty close to what the original is.

Now make it a patch mesh by selecting the brush, then going to Patch -> Simple Patch Mesh and make it 3x3. Now hit [b] to turn on the bending for that patch. Pink dots in lines will show up along with a window. Refer to the window. You want to hit TAB until these dots are selecting. Hit Enter.

Now hit TAB until these are selected and hit Enter.

Then these.

Now switch to front view. In the 2d window, hold down your left click and drag up and dow and you'll notice the width curves with the cursor. You want to be in Grid 8 when you do this and drag it down until you make this shape.

Now copy it by hitting the space bar. Move the new copy up above it. I have given it a texture now.

With the top one selected, turn bend on and select the right middle. (step not shown is selecting the horizontal vertices)

Then the top. Now you can click and hold and watch the new mesh bend.

Bend it to this shape. With grid 8, it should be apparent when it's locked into a 90 degree angle.

Now zoom in and look at your inside vertices of the turn. The inside NEED to be on points for my method to work. A 64 wide brush to start out with will end up like this.

Now shift-click to select both new meshes and hit Space to copy them.

Rotate the new 2 meshes (R on the keyboard) 90 degrees and add them to the old ones. Then hit space again and rotate the next one 90 degrees until you have the outline for the top.

Make a brush that's bigger than the inside diameter of the outline. Make it a terrain mesh by clicking on Patch-> Terrain Mesh. Make it 14x14 so you have plenty of vertices to work with.

Hit [v] to pop up the verticese and drag the outside ones to the vertices of the sides. Do this all the way around. until it covers the whole top perfectly.

Here's a note to just notice that the outside red line may not be the terrain but the marker for the widest edges.

Now leave that alone and make a new brush the same size as your original. Make it a patch mesh. Copy it and do this to the second: bend it right like our original second bend, but don't do the first. We want to keep this 2d.

If you notice on the top we have done so far, the corners vertices on the outside don't line up with our grid, so we have to do this to compesate for that. Take that corner piece and the straight long and make a square like your did with the first ones.

You'll now have this!

Take the terrain mesh you had on the first part you were working on and copy it. Then move it so that it fills the middle of the 2d section.

Now select the 2d meshes and hit [Ctrl-I] to invert all the matrix.

Move the 2d part under your other one and that is the the 2nd to last thing to do the top part of the bunker.

If you notice in the original, the top elevates about 8 units clear of the posts holding it up. We're going to do this too.

Select the middle bottom terrain mesh and cut a square out of it (you may have to manipulate the sqaures to make a centered square). Select the mesh, hit v and shift-click a vertice until you get hte right direction. Hit Ctrl+Shift+X to cut them. More on that in someone else's tutorial.

Select the square piece, then make it into a patch mesh (3x3 is ok), then click on Patch->Thicken. Make it 8 units and make sure seams is checked.

Delete the bottom parts and invert the 5 other sides if need be to see them.

Now make vertically bent patches to be the corners of the walls. A step now shown here but the next is to cap the first one and then copy and rotate so you don't have to do it to all 4.

Here they are capped. To do this, select the patch and then click on Patch->Cap->Normal. Hit the Bevel and hit OK. You can delete the bottom cap since it will be below terrain.

Now fill in the straight parts with regular rectangle brushes.

Now with the addition of a few brushes for posts, it is coming together. You can see in mine I made the bottom part a lot smaller than the developers did in proportion to the top.

There is it with some terrain added.

Tutorial by maskedavenger

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