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Video Tutorials
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A complete list of video tutorials from MMS_Wyatt_Earp and other members.
Video tutorials from MMS_Wyatt_Earp:

The videos are .WMV Made with windows Movie Maker 2.0. I also used Camtasia, an excelent program to record accept Camtasio Studio crashes more than CODRadiant. Basic videos are 101.
Novice Videos are 202.
Advanced videos are 303 /involves altering or creating script If you like what you see and would like to show your gratitude, donations are accepted through PAYPAL: getwestern@hotmail.com

  • SettingupEditor.zip : Setting up CODtools and how to get other functionality for beginners
  • Using the Editor: a package of 9 Flash files on using the editor.
  • RoadTrenchSnap.zip : Compilation of raod, patch bending, a basic trench
  • MMS_Hills.zip : Make hills and make them smooth, Hill terrain 101
  • prefab101.zip : Creating and using prefabs, Prefab 101
  • MMS_Sky101.zip : A quick way of making a skybox and texturing it, Basic sky texture 101
  • trench202.zip : Making a trench and fitting the terrain, Trench 202
  • Alpha.zip : How to use the ALPHA blending, Blend Terrain Alpha
  • Cuttingpatch101.zip : Cutting terrain basic
  • clipper101.zip : Clipper use, making proper doors and windows
  • Cuttingpatch202.zip : Advanced cutting terrain
  • Fire303.zip : Smoke, fire and the GSC file
  • Water.zip : Holes in walls, windows(CSG), adding water & texture, waterfall, correctly squaring corners and func_bobbing
  • COD_info.txt : SkyBOX values, Worldspawn values and effects info
  • SD-FX-GSC.RAR : Covers what is needed for a SD map. exploder FX, brick, wood. targeting, script_models, shadow casting, corona's. Does and donts.. Covers, values, script_noteworthy, script_gameobjectname. Cough!!!! NED!! Cough!! All the stuff need for a REAL SD map. Set up exactly like COD mp game effects.
    Reverse engineered, pieced together, and explained.
  • SD-FX-GSC_2.zip : Making the GSC files, Arena file, PK3 creation and .MAP file.
  • t.zip : making t junctions.

More videos:

  • Search and Destroy Chapter 1: Chapter 1.. Spawn, Making origins, trigger areas and values. Additional source files: mp_Search_Destroy.
  • S&D Chapter 2: Chapter 2.. Inserting models, clipping Additional source files: mp_Search_Destroy.
  • S&D Chapter 3: Chapter 3.. Inserting Bombtrigger and specifications. Additional source files: mp_Search_Destroy.
  • S&D Chapter 4: Chapter 4.. Compile, create, _fx.gsc, .gsc and PK3. Testing Additional source files: mp_Search_Destroy
  • S&D files: additional content for the sd_chapter video tutorials: Search and Destroy, from the ground up. Explosion FX and SD .map with pk3.
  • S&D Video Non-Stop: A remade, non-stop version of the above re-edited to make it easier to follow.
  • Bombs: Adding Bombs that are not connected to any objective like an S&D map. Source files: Bombs stuff
  • Bombs Stuff: Helpful source files for the video tutorial: Adding Bombs
  • GSC Stuff: Helpful source files for some of the video tutorials: The files you really want .gsc _fx.gsc
  • Tolerant Weld: Tollerant Weld .. Easier way to connect your little Verticies In a FLASH BABY
  • Adding Light: Video tutorial: Making lights, coronas, color, spotlights.
  • Minefields: Adding a minefield. 101 FLASH BABY.
  • Doors: Adding a func_rotatingdoor! In a FLASH BABY!!! 101
  • Wind: Making a windmill using function rotate 101
  • Mapping Basics 1: Mapping basic's (MY personal way to do a map)
    I cover, 1 geometry, 2 geometry and final 3rd geometry passing. Background detailing, USEFULL.. Some other neat tricks
  • Mapping Basics 2
  • Mapping Basics 3
  • Mapping Basics 4
  • Portals 1: Defining portals, what are they. What can they do, and hurt. Leafnodes, cells with Detail vs Structural.
  • Portals 2: Covering the textures and applying.
  • Portals 3: Showing what the portals CULL from a map. Using r_showtris 1. How portals really work.
  • Retrieval Maps: Wyatt shows you exactly what you need in your map and how to get it there. He also points out how to setup the arena file to get it to show up in the maps list.
  • HQ Maps: Crating Headquarter maps. Placing the radio capture point.
  • MG42: Adding the MG42 to your map
  • Sidewalks
  • Arches: making arches
  • Craters: Impact craters with alpha blending
  • VC Log 1: getting your map finalized and compiled
  • VC Log 2
  • VC Log 3
  • VC Log 4
  • Alpha Shaders :how to create Alpha terrain textures and images

Single Player AI:

  • Single Player AI Intro: Getting to know COD SP mapping, Trigger_friendlychain, nodes, triggers. The files I used. Place in CallOfDuty/main/maps to run
  • SP Allied AI: Inserting Allied AI, getting to move via friendly_chain.
  • SP Axis AI: Inserting Axis, and custom animation for node_negotiationGegin/end.
  • SP AI Stuff: Getting to know COD SP mapping, Trigger_friendlychain, nodes, triggers. The files I used. Place in CallOfDuty/main/maps to run.
More Videos from our members:

Added this from IW NED. Please read

These are very nice little tutorials for beginners.
Mr. Earp has just the right voice to listen to.
Nice job o­n the tuts Wyatt.

Each o­ne of the tutorials do have some content that IMO might teach a bad habit or two for beginners.
But, since these are tuts for beginners and I assume that advance tuts of each of these beginner tuts will follow. I feel the tuts are ok as they are and will be very helpful for those who are just starting out or are simply wanting to play around with the editor.

So o­nce again, very nice job Wyatt.

I do, however want to step in and voice my opion o­n CSG Subtract.
It's bad, bad bad bad, don't do it, never do it, we need to remove that button from the tool bar.

It's a habit that I personally would like to see beginners *not* get into the habit of doing.
Using CSG can and may cause *you the mapper* more pain than you may ever know or *realize*.
CSG can and may create unwanted and unneeded splits in your brush work. It can cause more compiler errors than you'll want to try and fix.
The biggest problem with CSG... it's a fast and *easy* way to create openings in walls.

Please take my word (as a so-called Professional mapper) never use it.
Instead, learn to work with your brushes, mold those brushes into the shapes you want.
The Clipper tool is your friend, learn it love it.

And that's all I got to say about that.

RE: AI scripting tutorials:

(special thanks to Seeded[USAF] from http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/%7Emap/callofd...?showtopic=1259

The text version by Seeded[USAF] ALLIES http://w1.406.telia.com/~u40613011/aiscripting/index.htm

The text version by Seeded[USAF] AXIShttp://w1.406.telia.com/~u40613011/enemysc...myscripting.htm

Useful ANIMSCRIPT Entity Values.http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/%7Emap/callofd...?showtopic=1259

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