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Textures: Importing Custom
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How to import custom textures into CoD Radiant
Importing Custom Textures

Thanks to Sqt. Bastard who originally posted it here.

1. Choose a texture. Save it as a Jpeg in a format that contains a power of 2.(1024x512, 128x128, 256x64...)

2. Open it in Photoshop or any other program that has a DDS-Plugin(the texture format that CoD uses). You can find the plugin for Photoshop in our downloads section here and here.

3. Save it as DDS. A dialog will open where you can set many different things. Don’t wory about it. o­nly make sure, that “Generate Mip-Maps” is activated and you’re using either DXT 1 (RGB No-Alpha) or DXT1 (ARGB 1-bit Alpha)

ARGB is o­nly used for see-through textures. For havin those, you’ll need a fourth channel called Alpha. Paint the visible parts of your texture white and the see-through parts black. Then save.

4. To get the textures into Radiant, make a textures subfolder in your main folder of CoD, and in that o­ne another subfolder. I always call this o­ne the name of the map I use the texture in, saves me from trouble.

5. Now you can either write a texturename.shader file for the texture and place it in in the folder main/scripts or rename the texture to surface@texturename.dds. The surfaces you can use are in the shadertypes/world subfolder of the pak4.pk3 zip file. They have the extension .stype. You can see textures using these in the pak0.pk3 and pak1.pk3. For example i made a lid for my sewer entrance which i gave the name metal@sewerlid.dds. It made the texture behave like metal when you shoot it or walk over it.

If you use a texture with alpha channel, there are some special shadertypes you can use, which usually contain "_masked". I did a cablewire texture which i called metal_masked@wireframe.dds. Works great for me.

Now happy texturing.

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