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Tiny Troopers Hits PC and Mac on Steam

Posted by StrYdeR in Gaming News on Sep 11, 2012

Tiny Troopers (by Kukouri & Iceberg Interactive) was originally released for mobile platforms, and has recently been released for both PC and Mac via Steam.

Sit down and strap yourself in for a somewhat humorous take on war in this RTS, as you guide a miniature sized squad through a multitude of missions that take aim on bringing big fun back into gaming.

Tiny Troopers eases you into a very simple point and click interface with the training mission - and while it is apparent that the game was designed for the simplicity of a mobile platform, it is not too big of a stretch to enjoy this title on a larger screen. After Boot Camp you are thrown into the thick of things, commanding your little munchkin army that is being sent out on a multitude of missions – varying from Search & Destroy missions to Escorting Journalists to finding some elusive WMD’s. Each successfully completed objective - some missions include multiple objectives – affords the player with command points, which can in turn be used to purchase air-drop supplies to your squad in the field. Everything from health to grenades and rockets are available. Permanent squad upgrades – in the form of better aim, more health or more firing range - are also available for purchase by spending collected medals that are hidden throughout most levels.

The game itself is visually stunning and boasts some spectacular lighting and sound effects that allow the player to feel immersed in the pint sized platoon. The levels felt well-built with the cartoonish, but highly detailed levels providing a fun 3D gaming experience.

All-in-all, Tiny Troopers is a fun little game that is easy to pick up, and more of a challenge to put down.

Jeff [angryalien]

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