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Rekoil beta signup: How-to

Posted by zeroy in Gaming News on Sep 4, 2012

Yesterday on the last day of PAX Plastic Piranha made the annoucement that the Public Beta for Rekoil was going to start on the 1st October!

As my last post mentioned, we are pushing to get on Steam via the new Greenlight platform so in order to get signup to the beta you can follow those easy steps:

- Go to greenlight and rate up Rekoil >> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92945422

- Take a screenshot of the page once you rated up

- Email the screenshot to beta@plasticpiranha.com


For those interested here are 2 links to TwitchTV cast, 1st and 2nd day, ill post 3rd day when its live!

Pax Day one >> http://t.co/rVyUaRZH (fast forward to 00:42)
Pax Day two >> http://t.co/AQBrblP5 (fast forward to 01:45)

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