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Call of Duty Series Contest Starts Now

Posted by batistablr in MODSonline on Aug 18, 2007

MODSonline.com and ASPAHost is announcing a Call of Duty Series mapping contest. Make a map for any Call of Duty game and submit it to win. You will be judged on the over-all submission based on completeness (of what we think was your goal if it appears incomplete), difficulty, overall appearance (does it look good), and playability (is it fun).

One important rule is that this cannot have been a publicly released project until after the contest. This means if you already made a custom map or modification and released it to the public, you cannot resubmit it. This must be a new and original piece of work.

(I'll get to the prizes in just a second)

Submissions must be made by the end of day, September 30th EST. That is 6 weeks for you to create your piece. So this means you should start work right now!
This deadline is subject to extension if I get enough requests for one (I realize 6 weeks isn't long, but it should be long enough to at least come near completion and everyone has an equal chance).

Now for the prizes. In past competitions such as this we have found that there are not a lot of participants. This is also why we are making sure not to limit the submissions... we want more contestants to enter. So, assuming that we again don't have many submissions (about 10 is what we are guestimating, however more submissions might encourage us to add prizes), there will be just one grand prize. The Prize is brought to you by ASPAHost Webhosting

The prize is a 1 year webhosting package with a free domain.

Disk Space: 12Gb
Bandwidth: 300Gb
Domains Allowed: 500
Subdomains: Unlimited
Mysql Databases: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
E-mail Accounts: Unlimited
Email Forwarders: Unlimted
Auto-responders: Unlimted
Mailing Lists: Unlimited
PHP 4.4.6
Perl 5.8.7
cPanel 11

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