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BF2142 Beta Testing and Demo

Posted by supersword in Battlefield 2 on Jun 9, 2006
The community site bf2142.com report that they have have word from DICE that beta testing for BF2142 could be closer than we think.

We could be closer thn we think at an open beta and demo being released for BF2142. The community site reports the following:


BF2142.com- We noticed that you have confirmed the release of a demo at a later stage, could you give us more information about it, as in how far before or after the game release the demo would be out?

The demo for BF2 went out about 10 days before launch if I remember correctly, I am sure something similar will be the deal for 2142. We are also going to throw out an open beta in the beginning of August. The beta is predominately to learn about large scale issues, i.e. when we have 10 000’s of people playing at the same time, eliminating some of the problems we have encountered after launch previously in the franchise. Keep your eyes open to join.


Sounds good. Thoigh with BF2 still haywire for many players, I am a little sketchy about whether I need to rush and buy this. I mean I will get it, but not as soon as I got BF2.

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