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X-Box Compatibility Update

Posted by supersword in Gaming News on Jun 3, 2006
Following on from the last post about old X-Box games no longer being supported by the 360, yet more information has been released.

A post from the Microsoft Game Global Marketing blog suggests that the rumors of the end of additional backwards compatibility for the system have been greatly exaggerated.


Supposedly the emulation team, working on making old games compatible with the new and future consoles, are hard at work trying to get an update out in "the next few weeks".


The maketing member, John Porcaro, said in the post that many of the games asked to be backwards compatible by the players are already compatible.

"You all have heard us say the work isn't simple. Many games did unique things to take advantage of the processing power of the Xbox, and that makes it difficult to emulate, especially when we then have to make new code work with existing (and future) compatible titles."

"But rest assured, we're not done yet," he added.

 I thought the X-Box 260 would be the X-Box plus more. Isn't that the whole point, to improve on what you already know? 

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