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Battlefield 2 Team Work to Fix Problems

Posted by supersword in Battlefield 2 on Jun 2, 2006
After a rollercoaster ride for many BF2 players, the latest community announcement has said that they development team are working to 'Fix' the problems that come up in the latest patch.

Could it be too late for the developer to keep the large amounts of players that play the multiplayer shooter, after every patch that is released, more problems come up. Many players are saying yes as after the latest patch for Battlefield 2, more problems have come up.


This was the announcement brought to the community of players and modders:

The teams here at DICE and at EA want to take a moment to acknowledge that we are aware of the issues that some are experiencing with the latest release.
We are continuing our work to review and find potential solutions to the problems affecting many players and server admins. We are also reviewing recent changes to servers and gameplay.

While we continue our work internally we want to remind everyone to keep using the EA forums to provide feedback. We review the comments in these and other forums regularly while we consider the direction of Battlefield.

We also want to assure to the mod community that we understand the difficulties you have worked through and we are continuing to look for ways to help everyone and find ways to promote all of the mods and their hard working teams.


Now I stoppped playing Battlefield 2 a while ago, and tend to play whenever I feel like it, but I really don't care for a game that cannot stay stable, when it has been out for a long time. Unless a patch can come out where I don't have to download any more junk for atleast half a year, I think this game can go up on my shelf and stay there.

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