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Quake 4 patch v1.1

Posted by supersword in Quake on Mar 28, 2006
Activision sends along the Quake 4 1.1 patch,which is now final. The 119mb download offers a ton of improvements,mostly for the game's multiplayer modes. There are also four new maps.
Wow... the patch news just keeps coming!


The QUAKE 4 1.1 Point Release update is now available. This highlyanticipated patch addresses a number of issues throughout both singleand multiplayer, with a heavy and attentive focus on improving themultiplayer experience. Such improvements include: a fixed pure serversystem, a new AddonPak autodownloading system, voice chat inmultiplayer, a forcemodel option, brightskins, smooth stair-jumping, aone-minute warning for tournament matches, Hyper-Threading Technologyand Dual Core support as well as a ton of multiplayer specific fixeswhich have been requested by the community and discovered during ourown gameplay.

Thanks shacknews!

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