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Half Life: Episode 2 will be Stand-alone

Posted by supersword in Half-Life 2 on Feb 25, 2006
Valves new game, Half Life: Episode 1, will not require Half Life 2 to play and can be bought over steam.

I'm sure all those who keep up with the news here onModsonline will know about Half Life: Episode 1. With the public expecting toneed Half Life 2 to actually play this expansion, Valve now say that Episode 1will be stand-alone and not require any other files that what will be providedif you buy it from Steam. The expected due date is April 24th 2006, but will bepriced at $19.99 which will be bundled with HL2: Deathmatch and HL Deathmatch:Source. The price is also expected to be the same for Episode 2, so for anextra 4 - 6 hours of gameplay, gamers should be prepared to pay a regular pricefor a regular service, instead of what many hoped where they could just getupdates and pay a flat price once. Also, they expect Episode 1 to be richerthan the quality of gameplay that was provided with Half Life 2.

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