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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3

Prophet returns to a New York City in lockdown, a broken metropolis entombed inside the CELL Corporation's Nanodome, in this all new video directed by Albert Hughes.


The "Liberty Dome" has transformed much of New York City into an urban rainfo... [ There's more ]

Posted by Welshy in Crysis on Jan 22, 2013

Crysis Warhead : Comic-Con 08

 Secure the LZ Gameplay - *Warning Contains Strong Language*

Posted by Welshy in Crysis on Jul 31, 2008

No more Crysis updates says Crytek

In Crysis Monthly Update #1 Crytek confirmed that there won't be any more updates to Crysis that "there almost certainly will not be a patch 1.3" for the shooter. The reason for the decision, that company informs in its first monthly update on the game, will be revealed "in the very, very near future".
... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Crysis on Jun 2, 2008

Crysis Shark Attack

Here sharky sharky…What better way to stop players from going out of bounds and meeting game walls than getting them eaten by a shark. Crysis takes an engaging game world a step further with impressive animation and A.I.

Posted by batistablr in Crysis on Jan 20, 2008

Official Dedicated Server Documentation 1.3

This is the official dedicated server guide for Crysis and will get updated frequently.

The documentation includes a step-by-step instruction how to correctly set up a dedicated server including features like:

Getting StartedServer InstancesDefault ServerLevel RotationRemote ControlPunkbusterPunkbuster streaming to Punkbusted.comDX10 ServerAnd More...Docu... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in Crysis on Jan 17, 2008

Tri SLI Still not enough?

Tech.co.uk -

Posted by batistablr in Crysis on Dec 16, 2007

Crysis Mapping Video Tutorials

If you take a look in the downloads section, you'll notice that foyleman has started the mapping video tutorials section for the game Crysis. The demo was released this past weekend. With the demo came the editor, Sandbox 2. That means it's time to start mapping.

A beginner video tutorial is available in two vido sizes in the downloads section. It's very beginner in order to get you installed and familiar with the new editor. With it you will learn to install Sandbox 2, move around i... [ There's more ]

Posted by foyleman in Crysis on Oct 29, 2007

Crysis Beta Batch 2 Released

The Batch 2 keys for the Crysis beta has been released. Jump in as this is highly limited.


Note: Batch 2 has closed, Keep checking for more keys soon!

... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in Crysis on Sep 17, 2007

Official Release Date

EA has now confirmed that Crysis will release on November 16.

During a recent

Posted by batistablr in Crysis on Aug 2, 2007
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