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Nvidia's VP - Death of the CPU

"Basically the CPU is dead. Yes, that processor you see advertised everywhere from Intel. It’s run out of steam. The fact is that it no longer makes anything run faster. You don’t need a fast one anymore. This is why AMD is in trouble and it’s why Intel are panicking,"


... [ There's more ]
Posted by PleaseMYOB in nVidia on May 1, 2008

NVIDIA Vista Drivers

The Windows Vista editions of the ForceWare version 163.69 drivers released as betas yesterday (story) are now available as final WHQL-certified releases. This page offers the 64-bit Vista drivers, and This page offers the 32-bit Vista drivers.... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in nVidia on Sep 19, 2007

NVIDIA ForceWare Beta Drivers

NVIDIA's BETA Drivers Page now features new beta version 163.69 ForceWare reference drivers for GeForce accelerator.

... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in nVidia on Sep 17, 2007

8900GTX and 8950GX2 Price

Nvidia has given word about their latest G80 series graphics cards. It looks like the top-tiered GeForce 8950GX2 will cost $599, which isn’t too surprising knowing that it will be the best card around for approximately twelve seconds.... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in nVidia on Sep 16, 2007

NVIDIA Beta Vista Drivers

The nZone BETA Drivers Page now offers new beta version 163.11 drivers for GeForce 6, 7, and 8 series accelerators. There is a driver package for Windows Vista 32-bit, and a separate package for Vista 64-bit. The new drivers are said to offer numerous game and application compatibility fixes.... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in nVidia on Aug 3, 2007

New nVidia drivers

New version 94.24 ForceWare Windows XP/Media Center Edition/2000 drivers are now available, the new WHQL drivers add support for GeForce 7200 GS accelerators... [ There's more ]
Posted by batistablr in nVidia on Jun 1, 2007

NVIDIA Vista Page

NVIDIA's Vista Quality Assurance Page offers a place where owners of NVIDIA graphics cards can find the latest Vista drivers for their video cards and report bugs and other problems.

NVIDIA is committed to supporting Microsoft Windows Vista on current and previous GPU generations. It's important to us that you have an excellent experience through the Vista transition, and dr... [ There's more ]

Posted by foyleman in nVidia on Feb 8, 2007

NVidia Forceware 93.71 WHQL Drivers

A new WHQL Forceware graphics drivers v93.71 (dated November 2nd, 2006 - download - Win2k/XP ~ 40.5MB) are available for download from the official NVIDIA download page. (thanks Stumpus) Single-GPU Issues Resolved - Error message occurs when running the NVIDIA Control Panel Television Setup Wizard. - NVIDIA Quadr

Source: GGMania headlines... [ There's more ]
Posted by Foxhound in nVidia on Nov 2, 2006

Nvidia to launch 90nm GeForce 7900 GPUs on March 9

Nvidia is expected to launch its 90nm GeForce 7900 graphics processor unit (GPU), in GT and GTX versions, on March 9, according to sources at Taiwan graphics-card makers. In addition to the GeForce 7900 series, Nvidia plans to add the GeForce 7600 (codenamed G73) by the end of next month, the sources indicated.

... [ There's more ]
Posted by PleaseMYOB in nVidia on Feb 16, 2006
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