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Epic Launches Free Unreal Development Kit

*Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/61138

Gears of War and Unreal Tournament developer Epic Games today released a free version of Unreal Engine 3, allowing noncommercial and educational use of the technology that powers numerous PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games.

The 563MB Unreal Development Kit can be found on FileShack, with var... [ There's more ]

Posted by SparkyMcSparks in Unreal on Nov 5, 2009

Epic Offers 1 Million in Prizes

The winner or winners are going to get an Unreal 3 License for free and the chance to develop a game built around it with some help from Epic Games. Other prizes include PC's and Cash.

 Mark Rein, Epic's VP: "Unreal Engine 3 is used by many of the industry’s leading game companies, so this is truly a chance to prove your worth and get your foot in the door of the game business while having your work potentially exposed to millions. To get mod-makers started, the collec... [ There's more ]

Posted by PleaseMYOB in Unreal on Apr 4, 2008

GDC: Unreal Engine 3 presentation

Gamersyde has uploaded this video showing the new functionalities added to the Unreal Engine 3.

Posted by batistablr in Unreal on Feb 20, 2008

Acitivision Goes Unreal

Activision has penned a deal with Epic to license the new Unreal Engine 3. No news on the game they are making, but Epic sure has a lot of games out there with their engine under the hood now.... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Unreal on Feb 23, 2007

Unreal Tournament 2007 Video

There's a great E3 video of Unreal Tournament 2007 available over at gametrailers.com. It shows some game play action.... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Unreal on May 21, 2006

UT2007 to PC

Unreal Tournament 2007 will be released to the PC market before the consoles (ha ha). This tells us that not only have the rumours of it being a PS3 launch title been wrong.. but that that it will most likely be released before the PS3 sometime this year.... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Unreal on Jan 3, 2006

Unreal Engine 3 Adds FaceFX Technology

Unreal Engine 3 developer Epic Games and provider of facial animation technology OC3 Entertainment have announced that OC3 Entertainment’s FaceFX product has been licensed for use in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3.... [ There's more ]
Posted by PleaseMYOB in Unreal on Oct 19, 2005

Unreal2 Interview

A great interview with Mark Rein who is vice-President of Epic Games for the past 10 years. The interview tells all about the work being done on Unreal Tournament 2 and Unreal 2. Potential release dates and the outstanding gameplay are all printed there to read. You should check it out over at the HomeLan Federation.... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Unreal on Mar 10, 2002

Unreal 2

I went searching for the release date of Unreal 2 and I think I found some answers. The game used to have a release date of June 9th according to some of the game distributors. But a release of news yesterday says that this date has been pushed back to sometime near Christmas.

Unreal2 is going to take a little longer than previously expected but it is even better than we originally thought it would be and the extra time is 100% justified. UT2, on the other hand, is ahead of where w... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Unreal on Mar 10, 2002

UT2 and Unreal2 Releases

HomelanFed has an interview coming up over the weekend that will answer the quesions as to when Unreal Tournament 2 and Unreal 2 will be released. I look forward to seeing what is said.

I overheard that the dates might be end of June for UT2 and before Christmas for Unreal2.... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Unreal on Mar 9, 2002
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