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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping
Map Errors : Definitions and Solutions
Leaf has too many portals
A leaf is a leaf-node, one of the leaves in the BSP tree that is used to store your map. Each leaf-node is a small convex volume of space within the player-space inside the map's outer hull. Each leaf-node in the tree has a set of faces, which are flat (planar) surfaces which form portals where they meet the faces of other Leaf-Nodes in the map. This error is results when one of the leaf-nodes in your map meets too many other leaf-nodes, and therefore has too many portals. To fix it you can split the offending leaf-node up, or reduce the number of leaf-node it meets. Leaf-Nodes are created at the first q3map compile stage when the BSP Tree is generated. Put simply, the compiler arbitrarily splits the inside space of the map up into convex sections, using the faces of the brushes in the map to split along. To reduce the number of splits made you can simplify the brushes in the map. You can also make the compiler ignore certain brushes by tagging them as "detail" (Ctrl+M with selected brushes). To force a split in the map, you can use a Hint brush, which is an invisible nonsolid brush which only q3map can see and use (Hint brush = axial brush with all faces common/hint).
i dont know
what is the leaf mod what kind of texture?
Posted by Carebear on Mon. Sep. 6, 2004
It\'s not a texture.
It\'s a series of planes that split the map up into manageable hunks so the engine knows what sections of the world is visible and which arent.

This provides high Frames Per Second and allows for smooth gameplay.

Quake 3 engine is the greatest for mp in my opinion.

I can\'t believe I just replied to a 2 year old comment.
Posted by caldiar on Wed. Jul. 19, 2006
Note that COD does not use hint brushes, unlike Q3 which does. So be even more careful with structural vs. detail brushes in COD mapping endeavors.

As far as responding to two year old comments: Nice comment resurrection! A virtual miracle! Go forth and save more from oblivion!

Posted by sgtbilkothe3rd on Sat. Sep. 23, 2006
if someone is too young when doing maps then a comment like answering to a two year old is an unwanted one we should be supporting the map makers not ridiculing them.
Posted by privateparts103 on Thu. Jan. 25, 2007
he was not saying that the commect was made by a two year old ... he was saying that he commented on a comment that was two years old!! meaning the original was in 2004 and his was in 2006.
Posted by der_scharfschutze on Sat. Jan. 10, 2009

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