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Forum: All Forums : DOOM III
Category: DOOM III Mapping
D3 mapping and level design.
Moderators: foyleman, Foxhound, Mystic, StrYdeR, batistablr, Welshy, DrBiggzz, supersword
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Author Topic: Can D3 be edited with hammer?
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Category: DOOM III Mapping
Posted: Wednesday, Jun. 25, 2008 06:49 am
just wondering if it can be done?
was working on an idea that required
1/2 the mod to be made with HL2, and 1/2 with D3
have 2 mods that work together, and use flags, or
something to retain info. Tho weapons My be kinda wierd.
I'm baseing it off a Piers Anthony series. (Split Infinity, The Blue Adept, & Juxtaposition) There are 2 different worlds
in the books, one Very Sci/fi (D3 ish) the other more Fantasy like. Magic & monsters, ext(D3 just wouldn't work)... thruout the books the main charactor goes from one, to another.
unless I can import the skybox textures from D3, into HL2
Dunno, kinda at a crossroad as to which game to use as a starting point. Still kinda new at the whole mod stuff.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Category: DOOM III Mapping
Posted: Wednesday, Jun. 25, 2008 06:56 am
It shouldn't work. They both use map files and save in a similar format. However, the textures and other directives within the map files are incompatible. You can attempt to create a map in hammer and open it in radiant to see what happens. You might get lucky and not have to reconstruction the brushes. The entities, textures and everything else will have to be reset.
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