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Author Topic: help with a mod and forced downloading
General Member
Since: Dec 18, 2006
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Last: Feb 10, 2011
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Level 4
Category: CoD+UO General
Posted: Saturday, Mar. 15, 2008 08:40 pm
I've made a successful rifles only mod for my server. However, if someone joins the server without downloads turned on they're able to choose different weapons and aren't limited to the ones in my mod. How can I make my mod so that when you join the server you have to download it?


Also, if my server directory is \uo

And I set fs_game to xm, would the xm directory belong inside the uo directory like this: \uo\xm

or in the same level as the uo?

Once I have that figured out, which files do I add to the xm directory? The server config file and the mod file right?
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General Member
Since: Mar 1, 2007
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Last: Jan 7, 2009
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Level 1
Category: CoD+UO General
Posted: Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2008 06:13 am
I think that all you would have to do is disable the non rifle weapons in your servers config file.

Each weapon has its own variable to control its availability. The result for people that don't have the mod will be that their weapon selection is limited to only the rifles that are native to their team. If you don't know the correct cvar for each weapon then look it up somewhere, perhaps on a config builder.

Unless you add a new weapon to the server then there isn't a way to force an auto-download. Even if you did that many people would not connect because they would get an error telling them they are unable to connect because of the missing weapon.

In that case you would just have to hope they are bright enough to put 2 and 2 together and enable downloads.
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