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Category: CoD4 MP Mapping
CoD 4 mapping and level design for multiplayer.
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Author Topic: tutorial - proper decal usage
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Category: CoD4 MP Mapping
Posted: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008 02:26 am

In the above image you can see ......................................
No2 is your simple textured chaulk brush - (me_plaster_03) textured on sides that can be viewed by player in game.

No1 and 3 are the back and front of your decal brush. These brushes are placed on the same plane as your chaulk brush with no_draw on the inside and (me_decal_adobe_top_01) on the outside, this brush has been split in half and the bottom rotated to fit as the texture is for TOP and we want it to look grubby on the bottom as well. The top and sides of this brush are textured chaulk.

No4- is a terrain/patch ( me_decal_bullet_holes01) which placed touching the outside on the wall as you can see.

Now Your The Tut.
So put simply. Create a chaulk brush and duplicate X3.
Texture one with your simple wall texture.
Texture another nodraw_decal on one side and add your dirt grim texure on the other (spitting if needed to fit)
Select 3rd rotate so its on its "on its back" facing upwards and go patch/curve patch 3X3 and select ,rotate back so facing outwards again texture with holes etc and move as close as touching to your wall. There you have easy-peasy.
Have Fun

edited on Feb. 12, 2008 04:27 am by uncle_pot
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