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Author Topic: FORCE316 | {[SACK]}(DEAD TANKS MOD)
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Category: CoD+UO General
Posted: Thursday, Nov. 1, 2007 12:07 pm
Hello Everyone,

I have made a custom mod for my friends at {[SACK]}.

I am not sure how long it will be running but if you want t come check it out for the novelty value then come on down.


Allied and Axis armored divisions have faced off to a bloody stand-still and have grinded each other into oblivion. The soldiers remaining have been left no choice but to continue the struggle on foot regardless of consequences and in the hope of a victorious outcome.

features include

- destroyed tanks litter the battlefield
- great for cover
- they spawn in slightly different locations each time you play the map

- allied teams have been switched
- brits on foy
- americans on ponyri & kursk
- russians on italy & rhinevalley

- custom compass that I made
- pistols and M1 carbine have been pumped up a bit (the M1 sucked bad)
- jeeps guns have a smaller spread so they are more accurate

Some guys have had trouble adapting to using allied weapons on unfamiliar terrain.

My favorite - the bren on foy... so freaking deadly. Perfect for foy, aim down sites!

In addition to this I hooked up a few base assault maps on the server. There are very few base assault maps out there... hint hint.

- desert-storm
- mp_uo_gunassault
- mp_dawnville_west
- mp_uo_vitebsk_beta1
- kharkov_bas_beta

If you are unable to download from the server because you are on a Mac or something then click on the links below to get the mod and the mappack. Please download it right way because if I do not access my fileden account regularly they delete the files and I dont use it very often so theres a chance they may go away.

For the maps -


Open the zip file and just put the maps into your "Call of Duty\main" folder and they will load fine when you play on the server.

For the mods -


open the mod zip and put the 2 folders that are inside into your "Call of Duty\" folder

There is no reason that you can't play and I don't want anyone to feel left out.


Its going to be a mix of the mods and maps during the week. Yesterday was the beta day for Dead Tanks Mod and the server reached max capacity within a few hours. This has not been happening that much during the week lately so I think that is a good sign. Custom maps seem to kill the server a bit so all of you custom maps fans and mappers out there - time to step up and support your favorite pasttime.

Make sure you have downloads on under multiplayer options or the mods will not work for you very well. The client-side mod is 100 percent necessary. Without it you will have sound issues on the allied team and the tanks will not be destroyed, just inactive.

Alright, thats it. good to go. Viva La Sack!


edited on Nov. 1, 2007 08:12 am by Goshawk
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