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is this place alive?
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Category: BF2142 General
General questions and comments about Battlefield 2142.
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Author Topic: 2142 whats your favorite pack
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Category: BF2142 General
Posted: Thursday, Sep. 6, 2007 04:14 am
What weapons and other pack ingredients are your favorite? You may have more than one combination for different situation. What is it and why?

I have two favorites that I employ in titan maps (the only game I really play).

- When starting out on the ground, I like to take out the vehicles. They tend to be the biggest menace when trying to take and hold silos.

Koenig H-AVR to take down all vehicles (even from the sky). Interesting note that this weapon will kill another player if you hit them directly.
IL-29 Motion Mine to protect and hold back vehicles
PDS-1 to alert me to their presence. I hate being surprised with a blast.

- Once in the titan and on the defense, I find explosives to be the best all-around protector.

Lambert Carbine machine gun action for close combat.
RDX DemoPak to take them out at the corridor entrance.
Anti-Personnel Mine to take them out if they get past me or to stop them from jumping in from the roof.

Although all the kits have their good and bad points depending on your situation.
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