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Category: Q4 Scripting
Scripting and Coding for Quake 4
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Author Topic: Voice binds
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Since: Mar 30, 2007
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Last: Dec 4, 2007
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Category: Q4 Scripting
Posted: Saturday, May. 5, 2007 12:15 am
Does anyone know how to use the clientvoicechat command in q4 to create voice binds, I read a snippet abput it on Upsetchaps website but after hours of trying I am unable to get it too work.

By the way, Love the book Erik....
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Category: Q4 Scripting
Posted: Saturday, May. 5, 2007 06:16 am
Thanks for checking out the book. Glad you liked it.

I hadn't looked into this voice command feature.

(for those that don't know)
Apparently Quake 4 has some commands that can be binded to your keys that initiate voice commands. For example, "clientVoiceChatTeam voc_incomingQuad" will play a wav file to your team relate to "voc_incomingQuad". You can send voice commands to everyone or just your team in multi-player games only.

The problem with it is that these wav files didn't ship with the game. id decided not to use them and maybe are saving this feature for something else.

I did more searching and actually came up with information that might help. The code below is meant for Doom 3, but we know that these games are extremely similar.

Credit to SebaSOFT on http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=14215


Here is a tutorial to add the posibility of making your mod have clientVoiceChat or clientVoiceChatTeam for team members to communicate with some sound provided by the mod or quake4 itself. It always is usefull since reading chats has cost us a los of valuable lifes...
So, the first you will need is to have a sound shader named "multiplayer.sndshd" that suppousely quake4 automaticaly loads it on the server (tried and didn't work, so if any one can back me up on this)...
here is and example of such a sndshader
voc_are_you_serious {
   minDistance 2
   maxDistance   15
   volume   0


voc_attack_now {
   minDistance 2
   maxDistance   15
   volume   0


voc_great_game {
   minDistance 2
   maxDistance   15
   volume   0


voc_roger {
   minDistance 2
   maxDistance   15
   volume   0


As you can see you could even set the distance of the voice to hear the sound...

After this you will need the actual sound files, but if you don't want your mod starting to weight like big momma, you could use some of these....
vo_3_2_10_10_12 //jajjajajajjaja
vo_3_2_10_10_1 //an admirable job corporal
vo_3_2_10_10_2 //good job buddy

vo_9_3_130_1 //gracias My Friend
vo_9_14_130_1_h //thnks buddy
vo_9_10_130_3_h //thnks for the assistance
vo_9_11_130_3_h //thnks for the assistance...

vo_9_10_140_1_h //nice job soldier
vo_9_11_140_2_h //good one!
vo_9_10_140_2_h //way to go!!
vo_9_12_140_3_h //that was freaking beautyful!
vo_9_10_140_7_h //hahah nice shot
vo_9_11_140_3_h //that shot was beautyfull
vo_9_11_140_3_h //nice!
vo_9_14_140_3_h //whaaa nice!
vo_9_14_140_4_h //good job
vo_9_14_140_7_h //not bad!
vo_9_10_140_6_h //alright good one
vo_9_13_140_8_h //s**t that was great!

vo_9_14_150_3_h //u just hit me
vo_9_10_150_3_h //watch the friendly fire
vo_9_13_150_2_h //dammit you just shot me!
vo_9_12_150_3_h //are you blind?
vo_9_10_150_5_h //check your fire

vo_9_10_200_1_h //look behind you
vo_9_11_200_1_h //turn around!
vo_9_12_200_1_h //we got enemies behid us

vo_9_10_210_3_h //target on your left
vo_9_12_210_2_h //contact to the left
vo_9_11_210_1_h //their are flanking left

vo_9_10_220_2_h //their are falnking right
vo_9_12_220_1_h //enemy on the right
vo_9_17_220_2_h //on the right flank

vo_9_14_230_2_h //look up!
vo_9_10_230_2_h //enemy is above us
vo_9_17_230_2_h //look up there!

vo_9_12_240_3_h //is ass kicking time
vo_9_14_240_2_h //gimme ur best shot
vo_9_12_240_2_h //i'm gonna mess you up freak!
vo_9_14_240_5_h //you all mine
vo_9_12_240_4_h //bring it on!
vo_9_13_240_3_h //let's dance
vo_9_17_240_6_h //stand back this one is mine

vo_9_10_380_2_h //that's all I can do
vo_9_12_380_3_h //that's it i'm done

vo_9_10_80_1_h //we got a man down
vo_9_11_80_1_h //man down man down
vo_9_11_80_4_h //we are droping like flies
vo_9_12_80_4_h //we are taking casualities

vo_9_10_90_2_h //I got it
vo_9_10_90_4_h //hahaha
vo_9_11_90_6_h //yeehaa!
vo_9_11_90_8_h //burn forever, freak
vo_9_10_90_7_h //Whos next!
vo_9_11_90_3_h //bring on another one!
vo_9_13_90_1_h //oh yeah I like that!
vo_9_14_90_3_h //yeah
vo_9_17_90_8_h //hahahha (burlesque)
vo_9_13_250_1_h //mhh?

THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL if you ask it's like using q4base textures on your map...

Now some info on that list...

Locations of the shaders....
ex: vo_9_17_90_8_h
ex: vo_9_17_90_8

almost every shader you can take the "_h" yo hear it loud and clear

Number on the marines codes are 0 based but no in the folders
(marine_8 == vo_9_17...)
(marine_1 == vo_9_10...)
do the math....and guess some other sounds

Location of the ogg....
ex: vo_9_17_90_8_h
ex: vo_9_17_90_8

Of course, professional mod could have their own sounds Laughing

NOTE: I don't know how to load the correct language on the sound shader so I places english, but it's great to have all languages on a single voice command...so if anyone can back me up on this too... Laughing

Hope it helped, this is a must for teamwork mods (q4f, jb, ra4)
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General Member
Since: Mar 30, 2007
Posts: 5
Last: Dec 4, 2007
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Category: Q4 Scripting
Posted: Saturday, May. 5, 2007 07:47 pm

Thanks for that foyleman, if I have any progress I shall let ye all know.

In the meantime anyone else have any ideas please feel free to throw your ideas in.

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