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Forum: All Forums : Soldier of Fortune
Category: SoFII Server Support
Server administration questions, comments and chat.
Moderators: foyleman, Foxhound, Mystic, StrYdeR, batistablr, Welshy, DrBiggzz, supersword
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Author Topic: Long delay when entering a server and on map changes
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Since: Apr 15, 2007
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Last: Apr 15, 2007
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Category: SoFII Server Support
Posted: Sunday, Apr. 15, 2007 07:16 am
I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have stumped my PC manufactor, my cable company and Microsoft.
Whenever I try to enter ANY server there is approx a 2-3 minute delay upon entering the server. Once Im in the game runs flawlessly and smoothly with no lag. However, each time there is a map change, the same thing occurs. Here is what we have done so far:
Cable company has changed out all coaxial cable from the pole to the modem, the modem and had done numerous tests both onsite at at thier tech support center. The tech that they sent came with a meter and showed no latency issues and an 18 ms time frame from my modem to their servers. My speeds are as follows: 29,997 down and 4.002 up running Optimum Online with the added Boost package. The laptop is as follows:
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0, 2 gigs ram, nvidia Go 7950 GTX-512 mb GPU, 7200 HD and a fresh install of the game along with XP Pro with all the lastest updates. I have taken the laptop to another house that runs a different cable provider and have the same exact results. So it's nothing to do with my connection or my provider. The laptop builder even had me on a three way conferrance call with a Microsoft tech that had me download from the support center a core 2 duo patch to assist in gaming, still no good. We also have gone into the affinity settings and turned off on processor, NG. ANY input would be greatly appreciated. Any missing info needed I will gladly add in.
Thanks in advance,
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