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Category: Classic Raven Games
General game questions, comments, and chat.
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Author Topic: Heretic II Siege v3.2 Release
The Shadowlord~rb
General Member
Since: Dec 23, 2006
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Last: Dec 23, 2006
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Category: Classic Raven Games
Posted: Saturday, Jun. 3, 2006 02:28 pm
H2Siege v3.2 is Released and it comes packed with goodies. I have made some unannounced updates since last release, but they are mentioned below.

Here's what's new:
I made some optimizations to the code and I also fixed some potential crashes. Hopefully the performance will improve.
-Fixed WoG on func_train bug.
-Key now respawns when placed on a func_obstacle.
-Ogle Class has new repair ability. Uses resources to repair. Gain resources by destroying wooden objects.
-Players now mana equal to the number of minutes passed (since start of game).
-Fixed func_obstacle so that you can set directional Spawnflags. ie. set spawenflags to 1 to do damage on falls.
-You can now set "level" for a threshold value on func_obstacle.
-Fixed a respawn issue with object custom.
-Night Vision Monsters can no longer see invis players in the dark.
-Monsters can no longer see players in the dark at skill levels greater the 3.
-Set "offensive" or "defensive" in worldspawn to bar player classes.
-Add Spawnflag to prevent triggers from using a model.
-Succubus Ring of Repulsion does something extra when Tomed.
-Players start with Mana equal to the Number of Minutes since start of game.
-Classes can be barred per team on map, by setting "offensive" or "defensive" in worldspawn.
-Misc Teleporter will change your class if you change teams and have a barred class.
-Fix bug where player will not get credit for Imp killing objects.
-Set spawnflags 128 to allow free flight with controllable func_trains.
-Fix a trigger problem with func_train.
-Fixed the misc_remote_camera don't delete camera spawnflag (4).
-Reduced Super Chicken Damage and health.
-Reduced Dismember chance to help balance the classes.
-Fixed the wasted spell issue when respawning.
-You can now modify the catapult's absorb setting.
-Fix Ballista model origin to allow proper rotation.
-Modified Ballista's bounding box.
-Fixed config mix up
-Added 7 New Upgrades.
-Added Special Effect and Dismember to Excalabur Sword Attack.
-Added New info_monstertarget
-Fixed an error in with trigger spawnflag 256 (Uses no model).
-Added Item (item_climb) that allows the Assassin to Climb walls!
-Reduced Jailer respawn time by half.

Heretic II Siege Website

Siege on!

The Shadowlord
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MODSonline.com Forums : General Gaming Topics : Classic Raven Games

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